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Shocker: Marine life with glow-in-the-dark neckwear is down to rave Florida Fish and Wildlife/Flickr


Turns Out Scallops Are the Club Kids of the Ocean

Scientists in the UK discovered that if you have the bright lights, the scallops will come. Velvet ropes and bouncers can’t be far behind.

Turn around, bad guys: a total eclipse of the... sun ESA/CESAR/Wouter van Reeven/Creative Commons


Prisoners Sue After Buzzkill Jail Officials Deny Them Eclipse

New York state puts the kibosh on a captive audience wanting to witness next week’s eclipse, and prisoners are suing for the right to go blind.

This is a boring old non-gun sniffing dog that can only smell explosives Tim Evanson/Flickr


Guns ‘N’ Noses: Mall Hires Firearm-Sniffing Dog

If you’ve got a Mauser, watch out for that schnauzer! The Mall of America has recruited canine backup to catch pistol packing shoppers - and it’s already working

Moments before "The Event" Sandy Huffaker/Legoland

World Records

Fossil Record: Dinosaur Dance Party Makes History

Epoch-a-lypse Now? Ever seen a Tyrannosaurus Twerk? To celebrate the extremely exciting opening of LegoLand’s Dino Valley area, brick fans gathered to break the costumed dancing record. But the real story begins after the music stops…

Want to know what the stars have in store for you? Look no further than these very real, totally accurate, definitely not fake Horoscopes.

I've called upon my trusted sources in the great beyond to find out exactly what the future holds for all 12 Zodiac signs, even the duds.

Will sparks fly with a long-lost love while you're both high on allergy meds? Will you ever finish your taxes in time? Is everything I'm saying completely made up? Read on to find out!

No matter what star sign you were born under, one thing's for sure. You should absolutely, 100% without a doubt, base your entire life on everything you read here. Odd News Show


Your Totally-Not-Made-Up Weekend Horoscopes (April 12‑14)

Don’t make any weekend plans without consulting these highly authentic, never-fabricated, 100% fact-based weekend horoscopes.

I’ve got the spiritual scoop on the next 72 hours, and the stars are telling me you should be on the lookout for sarcasm in the extremely near future.

Organizers carefully placing and measuring the world's longest continual line of pancakes KSCB/The Legend Kansas City Radio

World Records

Battered, Whipped, and Flattened: Inside the Violent World of Competitive Pancake Baking

Every year on International Pancake Day competitors race to set a new pancake-centric record. With simultaneous events occurring in Liberal, Kansas and Olney, England it’s truly an international pancake baking event.

Rope Daddy is considered one of the world’s most magnificent specimens. leanbullz_julian Julian montoya/Instagram


French Bulldog Variety Capturing Hearts and Wallets Worldwide

French Bulldogs, particularly the Big Rope variety, are experiencing a global surge in popularity. Among them, a Colombian-bred specimen stands out with his golden eyes, compact physique, and difficulty breathing or walking, embodying the breed’s desirable traits and genetic integrity.

A look back at the week's most peculiar stories from around the world. Whether your interests lie in porcine health, baseball, mythical creatures, Easter festivities, celestial phenomena, or Tintin's unexpected inclusion in the Belgian national soccer team, look no further. Odd News Show


Your Friday Odd News Weekly Roundup - Apr 5th 2024

A look back at the week’s most peculiar stories from around the world. Whether your interests lie in robots, art, sausage dogs, raccoons, basketball, eclipses, or you just love doing strange things with toads, then look no further.

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Choices of Coffins for the Catalepsia Escape Room aka Dracula's wet dream. Horror Box/YouTube

World’s Smallest Escape Room is a Claustrophobic Coffin Nightmare

Do you love escape rooms, but hate being alive? Are you a Vampire trying to spice up date night? Are you just really, really bored? If so, “Catalepsy,” the world’s smallest escape room, might be the place for you.


Just your run of the mill clothing-optional daytime bat fight. Stay Tuned/YouTube

Naked Woman Swings Spiked Bat In Bizarre Daytime Duel

What do you get when you mix a nudist, a spiked club, and a day at the beach? A real-life episode of “Naked and Afraid: Venice Beach Edition.”


Miss Baby Boo back home after more than a year.
She's seen some things. curtisorchard/Instagram

Foster Cat Returns Home; Won’t Say Where She Went

After a year-long disappearance, Baby Boo, the beloved foster cat of Curtis Orchard, has mysteriously returned back to her foster house. Now grown up, covered in piercings and going by the name Riptide, she’s set to be adopted by a new loving family.


The police take a picture with their newfound friend. Rocky distracted the cops so his accomplices could break out of jail. Texarkana Texas Police Department/Facebook

Cops and Hops: Police Encounter Pet Kangaroo

An unexpected call led Texarkana police to a friendly pet kangaroo, Rocky, at Spring Lake Park. The incident, shared on social media, brought a touch of joy and laughter to the community. Rocky is being held without bail and faces 12 years in prison.


2024 medals which may or may not be filled with chocolate. olympics/Instagram

Paris 2024 Unveils Historic Medals Infused With Eiffel Tower

Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic medals will feature a piece of the Eiffel Tower, symbolizing the fusion of athletic achievement with French heritage. This innovative design aims to provide a historic prize for athletes, and to weaken the Eiffel Tower until it collapses.


The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Taking in the Foliage Oscar Mayer/Facebook

Oscar Mayer is Looking for Wienermobile Drivers - Bonus Points if You’re Named Frank

Each year, Oscar Mayer seeks 11 adventurous individuals (and 1 recluse) for their “Wienermobile Spokesperson” role. The lucky dozen will drive the iconic 27-foot-long hotdog on cross-country journeys. To put that size in perspective, it is the length of 27 foot-long hot dogs end-to-end.


They found love in a hopeless place. Hop Shops/YouTube

Couple Weds in Kentucky Gas Station’s “Disco Bathroom” on Purpose

Choosing to start their union where 50% of marriages end, the toilet, newlyweds Logen Abney and Tiana Ailstock recently got hitched in what some would consider a crappy venue: a Kentucky gas station’s viral “disco bathroom.” 

World Records

Balloon Sculpture Created to Celebrate Chinese New Year Guinness World Records/Facebook

Hong Kong Sets New World Record With Astonishingly Huge Balloon Dragon

The world’s largest balloon dragon sculpture, 137.04 feet and crafted from 38,000 balloons, took flight in Hong Kong mall for Chinese New Year. The Guinness record-setting display symbolizes good luck and aims to inspire youth to pursue their passions.


Sukanen Ship Exploring Canada/YouTube

Unveiling the Untold Story of Canada’s Land-Locked Prairie Ship

Tom Sukanen, a Finnish-Canadian immigrant, built a ship in the middle of a Saskatchewan prairie with dreams of returning home. Despite hardships and ridicule, his legacy lives on in the Sontiainen Ship and Pioneer Village Museum.


Don Crisman, Gregory Eaton, and Tom Henschel of the "Never Miss A Super Bowl Club" 8 News Now-Las Vegas/YouTube

Three Fans Navigate Soaring Ticket Prices to Maintain Super Bowl Streak

The “Never Miss a Super Bowl Club,” down to three members, faced a threat to their streak due to high ticket prices for Super Bowl 58. Verizon’s intervention with free tickets ensured their reunion, continuing a tradition of witnessing every Super Bowl since 1967.


Kai's Truck Cottage the_ugly_truckling/Instagram

Canadian Woman Builds Charming Cottage on the Back of $4,000 Truck

A Canadian woman constructed a cottage on a $4000 truck to combat soaring rent. Her TikTok fame and journey offer inspiration and practical advice for those seeking an alternative to traditional housing. From dream to reality, Kai’s story embodies independence and affordability.