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7 Exciting Chatbot Ideas Following Release of AI Marilyn Monroe

A Marilyn Monroe chatbot was recently released, in the AI world’s relentless pursuit to destroy what’s left of our humanity. Along with the virtual Marilyn, here are some other potential AI creations to occupy people’s time.

By Gabe Herman · April 1, 2024

AI Taking Over The World

A Marilyn Monroe chatbot was recently released, in the AI world's relentless pursuit to destroy what's left of our humanity. Along with the virtual Marilyn, here are some other potential AI creations to occupy people's time, rather than, you know, using artificial intelligence to try to cure cancer or fight climate change.  New York Sunday News/Wikimedia Commons

A Marilyn Monroe Chatbot was Recently Released

So yes, a virtual Marilyn was created by tech company Soul Machines, which says each user can form a "genuine connection" because of the chatbot's "realistic emotions and nuanced expressions." Creepy? Sure. Unnecessary? Absolutely. A chance to exploit the dead for money? You bet. But on the other hand... sorry, I lost my train of thought.  Robert Sullivan/Flickr

Nothing's Classier Than AI Shakespeare

Hey, how about a Shakespeare chatbot that lets you conversate with the Bard himself? Hear him recite Hamlet's "To be or not to be" soliloquy, then show him clips of popular reality TV and TikTok challenges, and hear Mr. Shakespeare declare definitively that the correct answer is "not to be."  John Taylor/Wikimedia Commons

AI Nostradamus Will Predict the Future

The AI version of the 16th-century seer, who admittedly could be a bit vague in his predictions, allowing for multiple interpretations, will predict any future event you ask about. Ask virtual Nostradamus who will win the World Series and be amazed at the reply: "I see a group of people wearing caps, and a lot of spitting and scratching." How does he do it?!  Cesar de Nostredame/Wikimedia Commons

Digital Joan of Arc Puts Things in Perspective

Complain about your daily annoyances to an AI Joan of Arc, who will listen to you whine about the grocery store being sold out of your favorite coffee blend, then look at you with disgust and contempt as she recounts leading 15th-century armies as a teenager before being burned to death as a heretic.  Haskell Coffin/Library of Congress

Steve Jobs Changed the World

Show AI Steve Jobs the amazing ways the iPhone has transformed the world, like being able to easily video chat with family anywhere, having access to important information at all times, and creating a race of zombie humans who won't get out of your way when you're trying to walk somewhere.  Kim Stovring/Flickr

Grandma Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine

Have you ever rolled your eyes when your grandma complained about how a slice of pizza used to cost a nickel? With the Digital Ancestor chatbot, now you can watch your grandmother have to endure complaints from her grandmother about how she could once buy a whole pizza pie for a penny. Take that, granny!  Royalty-Free Photo/PickPik

How's New York City? Seriously, Everything's Fine

Believe it or not, AI is getting so advanced that it can actually generate the likeness of a New York City resident being able to tell you with a straight face that the subways are safe and run smoothly. Incredible!  Following NYC/Pexels

Who Knows What's Next for AI

What else could artificial intelligence someday be capable of? Imagine a world where banks and various corporations use AI to send you personalized birthday greetings that you didn't ask for by email and text. A frightening world indeed!  Alenoach/Wikimedia Commons