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Meet Our Writers

Emily Simpson

Emily is a multifaceted professional with over a decade of experience as a writer, producer, strategist, and artist. Renowned for fostering strong brand-customer bonds, Emily has seamlessly connected clients such as Google, Meta, and Everlane. Her diverse expertise, spanning from sparking consumer passion to managing top-tier experiences, consistently surpasses goals. As a guide, maker, and manager steering visions to completion, Emily’s impact extends from curating conversations at NYC’s Strand Bookstore to leading industry experiences at OM Digital. Since 2019, Emily has run her own successful business as a soft goods designer and embroiderer, collaborating with prestigious clients like Google, Everlane, Canva, Strava, and more. And, of course, she’s always ready to recommend your next favorite book over lunch.

Liana S. Afuni

Liana S. Afuni is a vibrant character thriving in the heart of New York. With a diverse background and over a decade of experience, she excels in the realms of writing, producing, and performing comedy and entertainment content. Liana has also been a professional matchmaker and is the creator of a digital series called White Arab Problems.

Vanessa Barros Andrade

Vanessa brings forward beliefs embedded in the public mind and contends its validity. She explores using text, art, garments and found objects as a medium to contextualize definitions and interrogate “truth” claims. The objects themselves inextricably question the notion of value as a defined standard. Andrade’s work uses the absurdity of life to create moments that challenge the audience to explore, learn, grow, and even laugh a little.

Shannon Altner

Shannon is a multi-passionate creative; actor, host, writer, producer, director, and photographer. A video producer and theater actor by day, she loves the creative process on both sides of the camera. She enjoys making weird films with friends and is the Executive Producer of “Party People Say Yeah”, a Denver based production company. Politically minded, she was the Creative Director of @hip.to.it an instagram account that seeked to inspire young Coloradans to take part in local politics and community engagement.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Jessica Pilot
Talent Coordinator / Partner Relations

Jessica is prominent figure in the world of journalism and comedy, known for her role as the talent booker for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. With a deep passion for the art of comedy, Jessica’s career has revolved around promoting and developing comedians on both stage and screen. She specializes in sourcing guests and managing talent relationships, contributing to the success of various media companies and podcasts. Based between New York City and Los Angeles, her expertise in comedy has made her a sought-after speaker, frequently participating in industry round tables and workshops, sharing her insights and expertise to elevate the industry. Jessica’s writing is dedicated to the world of stand-up comedy, and her articles have been published in esteemed publications such as Vanity Fair, Esquire, New York magazine, and The Village Voice. She has also produced relevant shows for Netflix and HBO. She is a recognized figure in the comedy community, and her work has been featured on CNN in their series “The History of Comedy.”

Richard Cole
Editor / Business Development

Richard brings to Odd News Show half a century of being immersed in the murky depths of British comedy, and a few decades in the clammy grasps of American wit and Australian absurdism. His professional background is as diverse as his taste in comedy and beer, having worked on both sides of the Atlantic in cardiology diagnostics, medical device product management, sports, music management, copywriting, film production/directing/editing, and a partridge in a pear tree.He currently resides in Jersey City, NJ, and has only fallen down the stairs of the Comedy Cellar once.

Beth Snider

Beth Snider is an accomplished content creator, moderator, and author. She has developed content for a number of websites and moderated several Vertical Social and Professional Networks (VSPN), including Player Pursuits, EMcentric, and The Odd News Show. When Beth is not writing or moderating communities, she enjoys spending time with her dogs, her family, and taking in the views of the gorgeous mountains of Virginia.

Gregory Cadars
Design & UX Lead

Working behind the scenes, Greg has laid the piping for the Odd News to flow to our readers and syndication partners. He has deep experience in typography, publishing, and digital experiences for users.

Executive Leadership

Jeff Hokenson
Chairman and CEO of Hokenson Group, Inc.
Co-Founder of the Odd News Show

Jeff Hokenson serves as the CEO of Hokenson Group, a Holding Company based in the Washington DC area. As a seasoned Strategic Advisor, he has a successful record of assisting Entrepreneurs and Asset Owners in enhancing the long-term enterprise value. Through the Hokenson Group, Jeff plays a pivotal role in establishing, funding, and effectively managing Portfolio Companies created or co-founded by Hokenson Group and its strategic partners. He also takes pride in being the Co-Founder of the Odd New Show and several media and social properties.

Matt De Vlieger

Matt is a professional at the intersection of technology, media, and society. He possesses a deep understanding of mass media and has successfully launched multiple independent publications from inception and has worked on independent multimedia production and journalism. With a broad range of experience, including team development, product and campaign ownership, as well as training in improv comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade and comedy writing at New York University. When he’s not emmitting humor, Matt’s focus is on data strategy, democratic community building, and ending wars through ceasefire and conflict resolution.

About Our Company

Odd News Show
c/o The Hokenson Group, Inc.
7950 Jones Branch Drive
8th Floor North
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(703) 712-7565

Odd News Show, under the guidance of The Hokenson Group, Inc., is a journalistic platform dedicated to celebrating the extraordinary and embracing the unconventional. We’re deeply committed to delivering enjoyable and engaging content without the burden of political bias or divisive opinions. We believe in providing more of what the world needs now—strange and intriguing news that captivates and entertains.If you have any comments about the content of one of our pieces or if you’d like to submit a story for publication, please reach us at editor@oddnewsshow.com.

The Hokenson Group, Inc.

With over two decades of experience, The Hokenson Group, Inc. has a well-established track record of creating and launching successful brands, both in the digital and physical realms. Our portfolio is a testament to our ability to identify unmet market needs and craft products that truly resonate with their intended audience.

One of our noteworthy initiatives is the Odd News Show, an embodiment of our belief in delivering unique and captivating content that fills a market gap. We are dedicated to curating news that stands out, offering a refreshing perspective on the world’s most peculiar and interesting stories.In collaboration with strategic partners, The Hokenson Group provides a comprehensive suite of strategic advisory and marketing consulting services to support clients in enhancing their existing business operations and exploring new market opportunities. Our approach centers on thorough assessments of market positions, brand strategies, and future customer acquisition and revenue goals. We craft forward-thinking roadmaps with achievable milestones, delivering bottom-line results that drive success.

Journalistic Guidelines
And Our Promise to Readers & Community

At the Odd News Show, we hold journalistic integrity, ethics, and guidelines in the highest regard. While we may take a fun or comedic approach to serious or strange topics, we are committed to delivering news content that is accurate, fair, and free from any bias or politicized sensationalism. Our team adheres to a strict code of ethics, ensuring that our reporting is grounded in truth and we label anything that may be an exaggeration for the purposes of infotainment as such.  We respect the privacy and dignity of individuals involved in our stories as well as that of our viewers and community members. We prioritize source verification and responsible reporting and a spirit of good humor and good faith. Our mission is to present our readers with stories that pique their curiosity and ignite their imagination. In our pursuit of media excellence, we aim to enlighten audiences worldwide as we explore the extraordinary and celebrate the unusual. Our stories are about real events and are written by real people.  Even on our best day, we may not be right or please 100% of the public 100% of the time.  If you feel there is a story that deserves another look or if you’d like to suggest a story or an edit, please contact us at editor@oddnewsshow.com.