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British Doctor Triumphs in Australia’s Mulletfest, Ignites Twist on ‘Ashes’ Rivalry

He grew his 30cm mullet during Covid lockdowns while serving in the British Army. After winning international category of the Australia Mulletfest, Dr. Aistair Bush plans to burn his mullet and send the ashes back to Australia, humorously referencing the Ashes cricket tradition.

By Beth Snider · December 5, 2023

Dr, Alastair Bush

British GP Dr. Alistair Bush has secured the coveted Mullet of the Year award in Australia, winning the international category at the annual Mulletfest competition in Kurri Kurri. The 45-year-old, hailing from Dorset, grew his distinctive 30cm light brown mullet during the Covid lockdowns, deciding to keep the quirky hairstyle while serving in the British Army. Dr. Bush aimed to initiate a friendly rivalry between the UK and Australia reminiscent of the Ashes cricket competition.

The Mulletfest, launched in 2018 to boost tourism in the small town in New South Wales, has grown exponentially attracting thousands of participants. Dr. Bush entered the international category, flying over 10,000 miles to compete. The British doctor’s victory marks a symbolic triumph, as he plans to burn his mullet and send the ashes back to Australia in an urn, drawing parallels to the Ashes cricket tradition.

"It's like the Ashes in reverse."
Dr. Bush expressed the humorous aspect of an Englishman ahead of winning the mullet competition

The Ashes tradition originated in 1882 when England’s cricket defeat by Australia led to a mock obituary declaring the cremation of English cricket and the transfer of ashes to Australia. Dr. Bush’s plan to burn his mullet and send the ashes in an urn adds a playful twist to this historical reference.

The competition, with its “business in the front, party in the back” style, has become a global phenomenon. Despite Dr. Bush’s victory, he emphasized his intention to revert to a regular short back and sides hairstyle after the competition. The mullet’s historical roots date back to Roman-era Britain, with references in ancient texts such as Homer’s “The Iliad.” Popularized by musicians and sports figures in the 1970s and 1980s, the mullet’s enduring appeal is evident in both cultural references and archaeological findings. Dr. Bush’s win not only contributes to the global allure of the mullet but also humorously bridges the gap between the two sovereign nations through the shared spirit of competition and eccentric hairstyles.

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