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Some residents are saying no fair to fowl as wild chickens, which might look similar to the ones in this photo, infiltrate a Norfolk village. Alexas Fotos/Pexels


The Cluck Stops Here: Locals Protest As Chickens Invade English Village

About 100 wild chickens have infiltrated the town of Snettisham, in Norfolk, England, causing property damage, sleepless nights, and probably making some local vegans rethink their vow not to kill and eat them.

I'm not sure what it is, but it rattles when I shake it. Scutdude/Creative Commons


The Snek’s In The Mail - Man Repeatedly Sent Live Rattlesnakes

Mail generally isn’t supposed to consist of live animals, but a man hissed his pants after a living rattlesnake was mailed to him. Which would have been just an odd news story if it didn’t happen again.

Rush Hour at Bee Central Terminal. Boba Jaglicic/Unsplash


Buzz-ted: Woman Finds 50,000 Honeybees Behind Kid’s Bedroom Wall

When your 3-year-old tells you there’s a monster in her closet, best to give her the benefit of the doubt. In the case of Ashley Class from Charlotte, North Carolina, the sounds her toddler heard turned out to be a hive of 50,000 honeybees.

Deep Fried Insecticide: Cicadas have a fascinating life cycle, play an important role in ecosystems, and can be a tasty part of a balanced diet. Jay Sturner/Wikimedia Commons


Cicadas, A Marvel of Nature, Are Here Again, So… Let’s Eat!

Cicadas have started to emerge in parts of the U.S., which means it’s a good time to appreciate them and all the delicious ways they can be eaten.

Mother's Day doesn't have to be RUFF! Missy Baker/Odd News Show


5 Reasons Mother’s Day is Better When You’re A Dog Mom

No kids, no problem. You can still celebrate Mother’s Day like the queen you are. Here are 5 reasons why Mother’s Day is actually BETTER when you’re a dog mom.

How could anyone think this was a male? Muhammad Mahdi Karim/Wikimedia Commons


Hippo Typo: Female Hippo Wrongfully Thought to be Male

A female hippo at a Japanese Zoo had been assumed to be male for 7 years, despite big warning signs such as not having a penis.

Chicken poses at home before truck disaster in Brooklyn. Public Domain/Pixabay.com


Fowl Play? Live Chickens Fall Off Delivery Truck Onto NYC Street

Crates of chickens fell from a poultry truck Monday and ended up blocking the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway’s Cadman Plaza exit ramp. The escapees were too chicken to speak to authorities…until now. 

This kangaroo doesn't want to play fetch with you. Marcus Byrne/Unsplash


13 States Where You Can Own a Kangaroo as a Pet

Ready to JUMP into life as a kangaroo parent? Well, if you live in any of these 13 states, you just might have a chance. Laws are always changing, though, so be sure to double-check local & state rules before making this ROO-diculous decision.

Boring, passe, been-done, ordinary, bourgeoisie. YAWN! "Horse" by John Frederick Herring, Sr/Public Domain


The Market for Unique Horses is Exploding - But So Are the Horses!

Not Horsing Around! In North Carolina, a miniature horse named Sweetie has set a Guinness World Record by having a nearly six-foot-long tail! That’s REALLY, REALLY long!!! But is this incredible horse the result of high-quality breeding or – some other factor?

Embark on a hilarious journey through the zoo-niverse of viral animal celebs! From radical rats to picture-painting pigs, we'll uncover how these critters clawed, bit, and oinked their way to internet stardom.

Get ready to laugh, 'aww', and perhaps feel a twinge of envy for these online animal icons.

It hurts knowing you'll never be as cool and popular as a skateboarding cat, doesn't it? Sturm/Wikimedia Commons


8 Viral Animals That Are More Popular Than You

Step aside, Hollywood celebs, and make room for the furry, feathery, and scaly stars of cyberspace. These viral animals are as cute as they are talented. It’s no wonder their careers are doing so much better than yours.

"Want a bite of this acorn, guvna? How about a knuckle sandwich? Why don't you p**s off, mate." lincswildlifepark/Instagram


Four-Letter Birds: Cussing Parrots Are All the Rage at English Zoo

The African Grey parrots and their blue language are getting lots of local and worldwide attention for their potty mouths, which are equal parts offensive, adorable, and hilarious.

Not clonin' around. Steve Tsang/Unsplash


Clone Grown: 2 More Ferrets Copied from a 1980s Original

Black-footed ferrets were almost added to the roster of extinct species, but breeding efforts have helped to increase their numbers, and two new test-tube babies have just joined the fight to save this species in… THE GAME OF CLONES.

The deadly eastern brown snake should be avoided at all costs, and ideally not be brought to a crowded hospital where the goal is for people's health to get better, not worse. Matt Clancy/Wikimedia Commons


Once Bitten, Twice Dumb: Australian Snake Bite Victims Told Not to Bring Snakes to Hospital

Those bitten by a snake should not bring it with them to the hospital, officials said. It won’t help the treatment process, and it will likely elicit comments like, “Ah! There’s a freaking snake in the room! Get it out! I can’t work like this!”

Let me Axe you something, on a scale of Ed Hardy to Jersey Shore, how do i smell? Loico/Wikimedia Commons


Axe Body Spray Used To Tame Wild Beasts

Get the flock out of here! According to some shepherds, it may not be music that soothes the savage beast, but Axe Body Spray, also known as Lynx, which appears to be a well-known way to calm angry sheep down and otherwise confuse them.

"I did what any other mother would have done." Alexis Antonio/Unsplash


Last Resort: Iguana Lays 30 Eggs in a Miami Resort Water Slide

Safe places for Iguanas to lay eggs during nesting time are getting more and more difficult to find, and these crafty lizards are getting more and more creative. For one lizard mom last week, it was time to drop the kids off… at the pool.

Come at me, Brah. Jorge Salvador/Unsplash


Catch ‘Em If You Can: Italian Mayor Gives Away Free Goats

If there’s one thing we know about goats, it’s that they’ve got a lotta kids. And for the mayor of Alicudi island where goat overpopulation’s become a problem, there’s only one solution: free goats for all!

Florida Gator contemplating which Florida home he's hitting up next. judygva/Wikimedia Commons


Florida Woman Finds Alligator in Home; A Stunned Nation: “How is This Newsworthy?”

When the nearly 8-foot reptile appeared in the house in Sarasota County, Florida, locals called it everything from “pretty normal” to “business as usual.” One neighbor told a reporter, “Frankly, I’m surprised you’re here at all.”

The standard dachshund after spending three weeks in the stretching machine. Томасина/Wikimedia


Birthplace of Hot Dogs May Ban Wiener Dogs

Germany is considering a ban on breeding dachshunds because it has a problem with how the sausage (dog) is made.

This cat knows what books you lost last summer. May Bird/Flickr


March Meowness: Library Says, Pay your Fines in Felines!

Cat-astrophe averted! If you owe money to this Massachusetts library, you can give them a photo of a kitty and be the cat’s meow again… in good standing.

You already know puppies are the ulti-MUTT in cuteness, but there's so much more to learn about these adorable ankle biters. For example, did you know adopting a puppy makes you 100% more attractive? It's true!

Sit and stay for more facts about these paws-itively adorable fur babies. Buzz Baker


10 Puppy Facts That Will Leave You Howling For More

Is there anything cuter than a puppy? I mean, maybe Ryan Gosling holding a puppy, but let’s not get greedy here. This list of adorable, funny, and fascinating puppy facts will leave your tail wagging.

This is a boring old non-gun sniffing dog that can only smell explosives Tim Evanson/Flickr


Guns ‘N’ Noses: Mall Hires Firearm-Sniffing Dog

If you’ve got a Mauser, watch out for that schnauzer! The Mall of America has recruited canine backup to catch pistol packing shoppers - and it’s already working

An Alaskan Malamute that actually looks a little husky SCMW/Wikimedia


Dog DNA Testing Company Deems Woman 40% Malamute

The DNA testing company is having a ruff time after identifying a woman as 40% Malamute - and this is the second time it’s happened

As a result of your selfishness, this dog has lost his job. Royal Canadian Mounted Police/No Photographer Listed


Shown the Doggy Door: Fired Drug Dogs Face Abysmal Job Market

Pink Tongues and Pink Slips: With legalized marijuana, drug sniffing dogs are finding themselves out of work. What does the future hold for an unemployed dog with obsolete skills?

Rope Daddy is considered one of the world’s most magnificent specimens. leanbullz_julian Julian montoya/Instagram


French Bulldog Variety Capturing Hearts and Wallets Worldwide

French Bulldogs, particularly the Big Rope variety, are experiencing a global surge in popularity. Among them, a Colombian-bred specimen stands out with his golden eyes, compact physique, and difficulty breathing or walking, embodying the breed’s desirable traits and genetic integrity.

The police take a picture with their newfound friend. Rocky distracted the cops so his accomplices could break out of jail. Texarkana Texas Police Department/Facebook


Cops and Hops: Police Encounter Pet Kangaroo

An unexpected call led Texarkana police to a friendly pet kangaroo, Rocky, at Spring Lake Park. The incident, shared on social media, brought a touch of joy and laughter to the community. Rocky is being held without bail and faces 12 years in prison.

Miss Baby Boo back home after more than a year.
She's seen some things. curtisorchard/Instagram


Foster Cat Returns Home; Won’t Say Where She Went

After a year-long disappearance, Baby Boo, the beloved foster cat of Curtis Orchard, has mysteriously returned back to her foster house. Now grown up, covered in piercings and going by the name Riptide, she’s set to be adopted by a new loving family.

Aaron Phoenix ahouseof1000inverts/Instagram


Man Befriends 700 Tarantulas: Therapy or Nightmare Fuel?

Aaron Phoenix, a 36-year-old from England, has turned his home into a sanctuary for over 700 tarantulas, finding therapeutic healing in caring for these creatures. He now envisions turning it into a profession, planning to educate and sell spiders to, fellow enthusiasts.

Firefighters and Tufts Veterinary Field Service rescue cow Facebook/Haddam Volunteer Fire Company


Runaway Cow Bridges the Gap Between Pasture and Plumbing

Blossom the cow made waves in Middletown’s water tunnel saga. Trapped, agitated, and facing steep challenges, firefighters took four days for a daring rescue utilizing a tranquilizer dart, sled, and a rope pulley system.

If you're looking at this photo, you should be ashamed Lyle Krannichfeld and Brandi Romano


Grinding Nemo: Humpback Whales Caught Having Gay Sex

Scientists discover two humpback whales having gay sex. This deep sea hookup is making waves, and now the conversation has shifted onto land. They appear to be having a whale of a time, but should the photos have been taken at all?

Flaco examining a building to make sure it's not alive David Lei/AP


That’s Owl, Folks! Hated Building Murders Beloved Owl

Owl never get over this. Flaco the owl, a celebrated New York City icon, has died after crashing into an office building. Gone, but not forgotten, residents of the Big Apple mourn his untimely passing.

Burmese Python (Roy Wood, National Park Service)


Is That a Python in Your Pants?

A man found himself in legal trouble after attempting to transport three Burmese pythons across the U.S.-Canadian border. Facing probation, he shed light on the underground trade of exotic reptiles. Stay tuned for updates on this unusual case.

Hopper the Kangaroo now safe at home Jack Hopper Khadartsev/Facebook


Escaped Kangaroo Returns Home After Poolside Adventure in Florida

Florida deputies faced a marsupial misdemeanor when an escaped kangaroo was found hanging out at an apartment complex pool. A swift response reunited the pouch-dwelling daredevil with its grateful owner, adding another twist to the Sunshine State’s wildlife tales.

Lucy the Pitbull Terrier Mix withe the "Selfie" Ear selfie_pup/Instagram


Rescue Dog Carries Around a “Selfie” on her Ear

Meet Lucy, the Pitbull mix captivating hearts globally with her black-and-white spots resembling her very own selfie. Rescued in 2017, Lucy’s journey has taken her from a rescue mission to the dizzy heights of internet stardom.

João Paulo Araujo Gomes, The Diocese of Caruaru in Brazil Maria Cassiana De Oliveira Campos/Facebook


Stray Dogs Find Forever Homes Through Sunday Mass

A Brazilian priest has turned his Sunday Mass into an adoption event for stray dogs. His efforts, including a castration project and emergency care, have led to a significant decrease in the city’s stray dog population.

Rosie with her Guinea Pig Rosie Wightman/Facebook


Girl Wrestles 8-Foot Python to Save Beloved Guinea Pig

12-year-old Rosie Wightman displayed remarkable bravery, fighting off an 8-foot python to save her guinea pig, MaxiBon. The shocking incident, caught on CCTV and shared online, has turned a potentially tragic event into a heartwarming tale of courage and love.

Bats in the Grant Family Home The Grant Family Fight Bats (yes like Dracula)/GoFundMe


Infestation of Bats Forces Family To Evacuate Home

A bat infestation in a Georgia family’s home led to health concerns and a city ordinance violation. The situation is complicated by disputes with the property management company, who claim they are actively working to resolve the issue.

Racing Pigeon or Spy... or just a pigeon Sneha Cecil/Unsplash


India Releases “Chinese Spy Pigeon” After Mistaken Identity

A pigeon, initially detained in India under espionage suspicions, was later identified as a racing bird from Taiwan. After enduring eight months of investigation, the bird was released, underscoring the region’s alertness to potential threats.

Mipig Cafe mipig cafe/Facebook


Miniature Pigs Squeal the Spotlight at the Pig Café

Mipig Café in Harajuku, Japan, offers patrons the experience of interacting with miniature pigs. Despite ethical concerns, these animal-themed cafés continue to grow in popularity, providing a warm and cozy environment for guests and their piggy friends.

Blue Penguin on the Runway wellingtonairport/Instagram


Runaway Runway Penguin Causes Airport Delay

An unexpected guest in the form of a blue penguin named Manu, caused a temporary delay at a New Zealand Airport by wandering onto the runway. This incident brought attention to the conservation efforts for this ‘at risk’ species, garnering widespread media coverage.

Has it ever occurred to you what your four-legged canine friend would choose to watch on TV if given the choice? A recent study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison's School of Veterinary Medicine provides intriguing insights into dogs' television preferences. Ayla Verschueren/Unsplash


Dogs’ TV Preferences Unveiled in Vision Health Study

Has it ever occurred to you what your four-legged canine friend would choose to watch on TV if given the choice? A recent study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Veterinary Medicine provides intriguing insights into dogs’ television preferences.

Cowboy saves calf with lasso ABC 7 Chicago/YouTube/Max Bishop via Storyful


Cowboy’s Brave Lasso Act Saves Calf from Icy Danger

Arkansas cowboy Max Bishop heroically rescued a calf trapped on a frozen pond, skillfully using his lasso. The dramatic rescue, captured on video shows the challenges faced by livestock during winter.

Flemish giant rabbit Spoiled Rotten Rabbits/Facebook


Exploring the Fascinating World of Flemish Giant Rabbits

Flemish Giant Rabbits, often mistaken for small dogs, are a breed known for their size and gentle nature. Originating from Belgium, these ‘Gentle Giants’ have evolved from a utilitarian breed to beloved companions, bringing joy to those who share their lives with them.

Husky Pup Kateryna Babaieva/Pexels


King the Husky’s Breakout Leads to Adoption and Shelter Support

King, a handsome husky, turned a shelter into his playground during a midnight escape, leading to a heartwarming ‘arrest’ by a dedicated officer. The viral video of his antics boosted support for the shelter and helped the playful pup find a forever home.

Capybara Magali Guimarães/Pexels


Miami Capybara Takes Center Stage with ‘Thriller’ Dance Moves

A newly named baby capybara is set to become a part of the educational wildlife encounters at the ZWF in Florida, offering visitors a chance to meet her in person. Their recent social media posts of the capybara “moonwalking” have gone viral.

Moja at the Fort Worth Zoo fortworthzoo/Instagram


Fort Worth Zoo Celebrates Birth of Rare Lion Cub, Moja

A Texas zoo has celebrated the birth of the first lion cub born at the zoo since 2015. Moja, who is growing steadily and exhibiting playful behaviors, symbolizes the zoo’s commitment to the fight against the decreasing population of African lions.

National Australian Shepherd Day Tod Van Pelt/Flickr


National Australian Shepherd Day: Herd Some Happiness

Get ready to herd some happiness! Every January 9th, we celebrate National Australian Shepherd Day, a time to honor these intelligent, athletic, and fiercely loyal dogs.

Cecil the Goldendoodle has Doggone Expensive Taste Carrie Law/Instagram


Goldendoodle eats $4,000 triggering unique take on ‘money laundering’

A Goldendoodle from Pittsburgh devoured $4,000 in cash, leading his owners on a messy journey to recover their money. The event turned Cecil into an internet sensation, while the owners were relieved to recover most of the money, and no health issues for their beloved pooch.

Westley back home with the Peirsons. Naomi Peirson/Facebook


Missing Cat’s Purrfect Timing, Returns Home for Christmas

After being missing for 6 months, a family’s cat made an unexpected return home on Christmas morning, giving them the best surprise Christmas gift they could have wished for. The cat’s whereabouts for the past 6 months still remains a mystery.

Therapy Llamas Rojo the Llama / Facebook Screenshot


Llamas Bring Airport Holiday Cheer and Stress Relief

In an effort to alleviate the stress of holiday travel, Portland International Airport introduced therapy llamas dressed in festive garb. The 400-pound gentle giants embarked on a journey through the terminals, quickly bringing joy and relief to travelers.

Camel Spotted in London Went Viral Pexels / Amelie Büttner


Camel Strolls Through London Streets Sparking Hilarity and Controversy

The streets of London witnessed an unusual sight as a camel casually walked through a neighborhood capturing the attention of locals. The viral video sparked a wave of online humor revealing the camel’s role in an annual Christmas nativity run organized by a local church.

Brodie with his Dad Facebook Screenshot / Brodie That Dood


Brodie the Goldendoodle Sensation Taking the Social Media World by Storm

A service dog turned social media sensation became the star of a Lakers-Knicks game with courtside antics and a victorious dance-off. Quite a journey from offering support to owner Cliff Brush Jr. to evolving into a million-dollar pet influencer and sports fandom.

Guard Geese in Brazil YouTube Screenshot / Global News


Brazil’s Prison Security Gets a Feathered Upgrade with Guard Geese

A prison in Brazil’s Santa Catarina state has replaced guard dogs with poultry for enhanced analog detection. These cost-effective and vigilant guards use their keen hearing to alert human guards with distinctive honks proving to be an effective alternative in prison security.

Giant Alligator Captured at Florida Mall Facebook Screenshot / Lee County Sheriff's Office


Florida Shoppers Stunned as Enormous Gator Captured at Mall Entrance

Shoppers witnessed the capture of a massive alligator from a pond by the entrance of the Coconut Point Mall. Swift action by deputies and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers ensured the safe resolution of the scaly intrusion.

Siska Waiting for the News Instagram Screenshot / @denverzoo


Maury Povich Unveils Orangutan Paternity Mystery at the Denver Zoo

A quest to determine the paternity of Sumatran orangutan Siska took an unexpected turn as a legendary talk show host known for his iconic paternity tests was enlisted for the task. Povich’s involvement added a unique and entertaining element to the resolution of the mystery.

Bull on the NJ Transit Tracks YouTube Screenshot / Fox 5 New York


Bull on NJ Tracks Causes a Rush Hour Rodeo

A runaway bull caused a dynamic pursuit in Newark, NJ, leading to a delay for commuters before being successfully captured by authorities. This incident, reminiscent of similar events in 2006 and 2004, adds another chapter to the area’s bull escapades.

Festive Frolic at the OKC Zoo Facebook Screenshot / Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden


OKC Zoo Elephants Embrace Christmas Spirit Having a Trunkful of Fun

Playful pachyderms embarked on a festive escapade, journeying through a fun adventure inspired by Buddy the Elf. The heartwarming enrichment initiative captivates visitors, showing the zoo’s commitment to joy and well-being for its gentle giants.

Frozen chickens TikTok Screenshot/@brianna_antionette


Florida Woman’s Fast-Freeze Chickens Leave Her Stunned

A routine feeding time for a Florida woman’s chickens led to a peculiar spectacle that captivated TikTok. Brianna Antionette’s flock of chickens froze in unison for almost two minutes as they were about to be fed, leaving her astounded.

Nubz Sporting Boots Instagram Screenshot / calliope.nubz.insta


Nubz the Chicken’s Resilient Journey and His Tiny Shoes

In Escondido, California, a chicken named Nubz stole hearts with his story of resilience and compassion. Born with scaly leg mites, Nubz faced an uncertain future without most of his toes. But thanks to the kindness of dog trainer Meesh Davignon, his life took a remarkable turn.

Prairie dog rescued from smuggling attempt Screenshot X


Man Caught Smuggling Otters and a Prairie Dog in His Underpants

A 22-year-old Taiwanese man was caught at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport smuggling two otters and a prairie dog in his underwear. Discovered after X-rays and a strip search, he now faces numerous charges for violating Thai wildlife protection laws.

Polive finaly capture the escaped kangaroo Facebook / Durham Regional Police Service


Kangaroo Escapes Handlers and Punches Canadian Police Officer

A female kangaroo’s daring escapade captivated onlookers in Oshawa, Ontario, and she wasn’t planning on going down without a fight. After delivering a punch to a police officer, the marsupial is now recuperating at the Oshawa Zoo, probably plotting her next escape.

Albert Einswine trying to outrun the police Facebook/Deptford Township Police


Cops in New Jersey Wrestle Elusive Pig on the Loose

Police in New Jersey found themselves chasing a pig named Albert Einswine through the streets of Deptford for 30 minutes before finally apprehending him. It was theoretically a relatively normal day for Albert…

An opossum being a unique Christmas tree decoration TikTok Screenshot / @brettbratt359


Opossum Found Hiding in Woman’s Christmas Tree in Texas

A Texas woman’s holiday cheer turned into a hilarious escapade when she found a surprise guest hiding in her Christmas tree. The unlikely visitor, an opossum, had taken up residence among the festive decorations, causing a stir for the homeowner.

A chinstrap penguin in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica. Wikimedia Commons/Liam Quinn


Chinstrap Penguins are the Undisputed Champions of Power Naps

In a groundbreaking study conducted on a colony of chinstrap penguins, researchers have uncovered a mesmerizing sleep strategy that challenges avian norms. Scientists revealed that these birds engage in an astonishing 600 microsleeps per hour, each lasting just 4 seconds.

Sebastian the Husky after wandering into a storm drain Facebook screenshot/Lexington-Fayette Animal Care & Control


Husky Houdini in a Drain-Defying Adventure in Kentucky

In Kentucky, a husky found itself trapped in a storm drain and in need of some local rescue. Sebastian was quickly rescued by Lexington-Fayette Animal Care & Control and was thankfully unharmed and happy.

Roger the Ram roaming the recycling plant X Screenshot/Love Essex @loveessexuk


Roaming “Roger the Ram” Closes Down Recycling Plant

Pitsea Recycling Center in England evacuated due to the unexpected visit of a ram, prompting safety concerns. Quick action by staff, aided by the Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society, resulted in the animal’s gentle capture, and the recycling center resumed normal operations.

Wolf spider Wikimedia Commons/Opoterser


Peruvian Wolf Spider Laid Eggs Inside Man’s Toe on Cruise

A romantic anniversary cruise took an unexpected turn when a seemingly harmless spider bite revealed a nightmarish truth for one man. Not simply a bite, but the discovery of spider eggs in his toe, and the removal of not quite all of them…

The Accidental Magpie God Tiktok Screenshot / givlivs_x


Owl Scarecrow and The Unintentional Creation of a Viral ‘Magpie God’

Man’s DIY owl scarecrow becomes ‘magpie god’ in viral TikTok video. Giulio Cuzzilla’s attempt to deter magpies with a homemade owl results in humorous ‘worship’ behavior from the birds, and a viral video following.

Moose on the Loose Facebook/Bernie Stang


There’s a Moose Loose Aboot This… Minnesota

In a rare and enchanting adventure, a young moose named Bullwinkle captures the hearts of thousands as he roams through southern Minnesota. Followed by devoted fans on social media, his journey brings joy and hope to a community longing for a glimpse of this majestic creature.

Javelinas have been tearing up a golf course in Arizona Henry02292020000038817/Flickr


Golf Course Terrorized by Wild Pigs Who Dig Up Turf Worse Than a 28-Handicapper

Javelinas have invaded a golf course in Arizona and have been systematically destroying the grass. The golf course management are at a loss as to how to deal with the menacing swine, and are focused currently on constant repair of the course.

Public domain photo


Lion Escapes Italian Circus, Roams Town Unharmed

scaped circus lion, Kimba, causes temporary lockdown in Ladispoli, Italy. Handler insists no public threat, blames possible sabotage. Renewed calls to ban wild animals in circuses. Italy delays law until 2024. Mayor advocates for change. Public divided; some express concern for lion’s welfare.

Carpet snake in the rafters of veranda in Queensland, Australia FB Screenshot/Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers


Large Carpet Python Found in Roof of Veranda

In Australia, a woman was stunned to find a large snake in the rafters. She quickly called in the experts at Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 who carefully untangled the python from the ceiling beams, and relocated the snake to a more appropriate location.

Great White Sharks curiously absent from False Bay, South Africa


Experts Concerned by Disappearance of Great White Sharks from False Bay

Great white sharks have mysteriously disappeared from False Bay, South Africa, leaving surfers thrilled but experts puzzled. The absence of these apex predators raises a lot of concerns about the ecosystem’s balance.

Chimeric monkey with green glowing fingers Cao et al/Cell


Glowing Green Monkey Born in Groundbreaking Scientific Achievement

Chinese scientists achieve monkey milestone with the birth of a glowing green chimeric primate. Stem cells injected into embryos led to successful births, sparking discussions on genetic engineering and species conservation.

Llamas taking over the A66 Instagram: @alpacalyeverafter


Llama Drama on the A66 as Woolly Escapees Cause Traffic Chaos

Thirty llamas and alpacas ran amok in the road on the A66 in Cumbria, England, bringing traffic to a standstill. The lovable fluffy creatures escaped from Basecamp North Lakes, unbeknownst to their owner until a customer casually mentioned that he had spotted their escape.

Photo: Cedar City Police Department / Facebook


A Thousand Sheep Flock Through a Utah Street in a Fluffy Parade

Cedar Livestock and Heritage Festival, the proud host of a woolly extravaganza, declared that this parade, dating back to 1870, is “probably one of the most unique parades in the country” - 1000 sheep parading down Main Street in Cedar City, UT.

Iguana found in the toilet Gary Greenspan/Facebook


Florida Man is Flushed with Surprise When he Finds Something Huge in His Toilet

An unsuspecting man in Florida was shocked when he found an unwanted guest hanging out in his bathroom. The guest was an invasive iguana playing in the bowl of his toilet - animal control was called to deal with the critter, who will now have to relieve itself in the wild.

Bear roaming around convenience store YouTube Screenshot/Compass Media


Bear Enters Store, Walks Out With Gummy Bears

A black bear in Canada, nicknamed Mr. Bear, casually broke into a gas station near Lake Cowichan, making a beeline for the gummy bears. The gummy raid comes amid a spate of recent black bear encounters in British Colombia.