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This guy also has a water slide in his backyard. Imokurnotok/Creative Commons


Theme Park Fan Takes A Ride… Home

Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it can buy nostalgia. That’s why when a Cincinnati theme park closed down, a man bought one of its main attractions, a whole waterslide, currently just a regular slide.

Note: Not the actual solution referenced in this article, but so cute we can't wait to get our own citation. Andrew Abbott/Wikimedia Commons


California Man Fights Municipal Powers That Be by Immortalizing His Boat on a Fence

After a California city notified a resident that his fishing boat might be an eyesore, he said “I’ll show you an eyesore,” using the city’s own rules (and flawless trompe-l’oeil technique) to just barely comply. We stan a petty king.

The phrase "copping some weed" has a totally different meaning now. Pablo Evans/Creative Commons


Buzzkill Cops Keep Turning Down Free Weed

So much for joint custody. After a few kids found someone’s stash and gave it to a woman in Bakersfield (which is funny because weed), she repeatedly tried to turn in the contraband cannabis to the cops to no avail.

If you thought Uber Eats deliveries couldn't get slower, wait till you get one on horseback. TikTok / @jessielouiset


Mane Course? Uber Eats Delivered on Horseback

A video of a horseback delivery has gone viral, but Uber Eats is not ready to trot the service out everywhere.

Choices of Coffins for the Catalepsia Escape Room aka Dracula's wet dream. Horror Box/YouTube


World’s Smallest Escape Room is a Claustrophobic Coffin Nightmare

Do you love escape rooms, but hate being alive? Are you a Vampire trying to spice up date night? Are you just really, really bored? If so, “Catalepsy,” the world’s smallest escape room, might be the place for you.

San Jose, California, boasts an architectural marvel shrouded in mystery - the Winchester Mystery House. Once the personal abode of Sarah Winchester, widow of firearms magnate William Wirt Winchester, this Victorian and Gothic-style mansion has captivated visitors for decades with its size, its peculiar architecture and its dozens of bullet holes. It is known for its strange collection of rooms, stairways, and for having only one good bathroom. Spiel/Wikimedia


2,000 Doors, 10,000 Windows, and Impossible to Heat: The Winchester Mystery House

Sarah Winchester’s Victorian mansion is an architectural marvel in San Jose, California, a city known for other architectural marvels like “the nice In-N-Out Burger.” Known for its peculiar design and continuous construction (slow union workers), it captivates visitors with its maze-like layout, mysterious history, and musty old-person smell.

The couple is registered at Bed, Bath, & Beyond… the barbed wire. YattaVEVO/YouTube


Incarcerated Romeo Stuns With Over-the-Top Proposal From Behind Bars

In a lavish display of love that’s guaranteed to make most free men appear inadequate, inmate Kenyana Jones, a.k.a. Yatta, proved that true love knows no limits, not even prison walls.

A secret admirer bringing flowers, chocolates, and prison time? Associated Press/Youtube


Bear Hugs and Handcuffs: Two Women Arrested in the Most Adorable Way Possible

Like a rom-com gone wrong, two Peruvian women had their romantic daydreams shattered when what they thought was some well-deserved love bombing turned out to be a well-coordinated drug bust by the Peruvian National Police instead. Talk about a bait and switch!

They found love in a hopeless place. Hop Shops/YouTube


Couple Weds in Kentucky Gas Station’s “Disco Bathroom” on Purpose

Choosing to start their union where 50% of marriages end, the toilet, newlyweds Logen Abney and Tiana Ailstock recently got hitched in what some would consider a crappy venue: a Kentucky gas station’s viral “disco bathroom.” 

Convention attendee takes a break at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo


Aliens, Mystics, and More Gather at LA’s Most “Out-There” Convention

Seekers, shamans, and alien-human hybrids flocked to Los Angeles for the 22nd annual Conscious Life Expo. The 4-day LIVE event featured over 250 exhibits offering everything from dolphin telepathy sessions to ectoplasm facials.

Kai's Truck Cottage the_ugly_truckling/Instagram


Canadian Woman Builds Charming Cottage on the Back of $4,000 Truck

A Canadian woman constructed a cottage on a $4000 truck to combat soaring rent. Her TikTok fame and journey offer inspiration and practical advice for those seeking an alternative to traditional housing. From dream to reality, Kai’s story embodies independence and affordability.

Canada's Largest Abandoned Mansion Mansion Impossible/Facebook


Gigantic Abandoned Home to be Transformed for Reality TV Show

Canada’s largest house, the neglected Grant Mansion, is set for a transformation, documented in the reality TV show ‘Mansion Impossible.’ The series will capture the renovation journey of a Texas family in northern Ontario.

Abandoned hospitals and asylums stand as eerie remnants of a bygone era, shrouded in mystery and unsettling tales. These decaying structures, once bustling with life and hope, now evoke a chilling atmosphere that beckons the curious to explore their haunted corridors. Blogging Guide/Unsplash


10 Of The Creepiest Abandoned Asylums

Abandoned hospitals and asylums stand as eerie remnants of a bygone era, shrouded in mystery and unsettling tales. These decaying structures, once bustling with life and hope, now evoke a chilling atmosphere that beckons the curious to explore their haunted corridors.

Also known as vaseline glass, uranium glass, dating back to 79 AD, emits an intriguing green glow under black light. Considered safe despite its radioactivity, it continues to captivate collectors with its historical significance and beauty. Till Westermayer/Wikimedia


The Glorious Green Glow of Uranium Glassware

Also known as vaseline glass, uranium glass, dating back to 79 AD, emits an intriguing green glow under black light. Considered safe despite its radioactivity, it continues to captivate collectors with its historical significance and beauty.

1910 Brooke Swan Car Classic Non-American Cars/Facebook


Feathers, Fluster, and Fines: The Swan Car - A Quirky Chapter in Auto History

The Swan Car, a creation of the early 1900s by engineer R.N. Matthewson, is known for its swan-inspired design and eccentric features. Its journey from Calcutta to the Louwman Museum in the Netherlands is a captivating piece of automotive history.

Stinky Glitter Bombs = Instant Karma YoutTube Screenshot / Mark Rober


Engineering Justice Using Glitter and Repulsive Odors to Stop Car Theft

The high-tech glitter bomb backpacks not only provided entertaining footage but also shed light on the individuals involved in car break-ins. As a city grapples with this issue, this innovative approach may pave the way for discussions on effective solutions.

Toco Twitter Screenshot / @toco_eevee


Man Transforms Into Collie, Meets Real Dog at Agility Course

The saga of Toco, the man who transformed into a dog, continues to unfold on social media offering a unique glimpse into his unconventional journey. As he navigates the challenges of his canine alter ego he encounters real dogs, and attempts an agility course.

Louis Vuitton Illusion High Boot $2470.00 Luis Vuitton Website


LV’s 2023 Illusion Boots - Fashion Statement or Creepy Optical Conundrum

Illusion boots by Louis Vuitton handpainted to resemble a leg, complete with socks and black shoe, available in two heights and two skin tones has elicited mixed reactions. Fashion influencer @izzipoopi’s TikTok unboxing video attracted 6.5M views.

Little Miss No Name - by Hasbro Facebook Group/ Little Miss no Name / Connie Hall


From Haunting Anomaly to Collector’s Treasure - The Unsettling Tale of a 1960s Doll

Little Miss No Name, a doll introduced by Hasbro in 1965, was designed to contrast the glamour of Barbie. Despite its initial failure, this eerie toy from the 1960s has re-emerged as a sought-after collector’s item, showcasing the unpredictable ebbs and flows of the toy market.

Bannana Hammer X Screenshot / Iron Factory Ikeda @iron_ikeda


The Rise of Banana-Shaped Hammers in Japan

Japanese precision manufacturing takes a whimsical turn with a Hiroshima’s iron factory introducing banana-shaped hammers. These unique tools, blending functionality and humor, have gained global attention, transforming the landscape of precision metal processing.

Jace and his witch bottles YouTube screenshot/MissionAransasNERR


Mysterious Witch Bottles Washing Up on Texas Beaches Bewitch Curious Beachcombers

Along the Gulf of Mexico’s shores, superstitious beachcombers are being warned to keep their distance from mysterious “witch bottles” that are popping up along the coast. These bottles, believed to entomb malevolent spirits, have become the talk of the town near Corpus Christi, Texas.

Michel Lotito with some of his meals X screenshot / Guiness World Records @GWR


Eating the Impossible: The Extraordinary Appetite of Monsieur Mangetout

Michel Lotito, known as Monsieur Mangetout, had a unique ability to consume indigestible objects. His diet included bicycles, shopping carts, televisions, and even a Cessna 150 airplane, leaving behind an unusual legacy when he passed away in 2007

The Belvedere Hotel NYC Facebook Screenshot / The Belvedere Hotel


The Mystery of Belevedere Hotel Room 208: Hisako Hasegawa’s 40 Year Odyssey

Hisako Hasegawa’s 40-year stay in Room 208 of The Belvedere Hotel, amidst the bustling pulse of NYC unfolds as a mystifying tale of solitude. Her life, marked by routine kindness and mystery, echoes within the rent-stabilized rooms, revealing a narrative woven into the city’s fabric.

Memorial Spaceflight X Screenshot / Celestis, Inc. Memorial Spaceflights @celestisflights


Embark on the Ultimate Celestial Journey with a Space Burial

Space burials: a guide to send your ashes or DNA to the cosmos with Celestis. Join the stars, the moon, or the aliens with this unique service that transcends earthly norms, learn why people choose this option and how it works.

Bruce Campbell at home X Screenshot / CNBC Make It


Oregon Man Turns Boeing 727 into His Home

Bruce Campbell, a 74-year-old engineer and plane lover, lives in a Boeing 727 parked in his own forest. He transformed the plane into a home, aiming to inspire others to create their own jetliner homes. Despite the challenges, he enjoys his unique lifestyle.

Silver Swan Automaton YouTube Screenshot / TheBowesMuseum


Timeless Silver Swan Automaton Takes Flight for Future Generations

The Silver Swan, an 18th-century automaton, captivates with its lifelike movements and intricate design. Despite the toll of time, efforts are underway to restore this mechanical marvel to its former glory.

Screenshot of a 3D representation of the Backrooms creepypasta. More detail Model by Huuxloc


Looking at Liminal Spaces, Turning the ‘Backrooms’ into Housing

Game’s haunted corridors echo in deserted offices, remnants of economic tremors. Can we repurpose these “liminal spaces” - from barren rooms to vibrant homes - stitching shattered communities back together, brick by pixel?

Chair precariously sits atop ruined house Facebook/Chair Watch Group


Chair Becomes Most Exciting NJ Tourist Attraction, Surprising Nobody…

Thousands of onlookers have become fascinated by a lone chair, sitting on the roof of an abandoned house in New Jersey. The massive interest in the chair has caused a lFacebook group to be launched, leading to every chair meme imaginable.