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The boy tried to get over his hangover by having a pint. Flickr/Creative Commons


Outback Staff Thought Drunk 12-Year-Old Was Just Australian

An Outback Steakhouse in Michigan “accidentally” served a kid booze. His parents got suspicious when he vomited before eating the bloomin’ onion.

Pandora's Croissant has been opened -- what have we done? Humphrey's Coffee/Facebook


Crookie Mistake: The Hybrid Pastry that Ended Western Civilization

Crookies; they’re the totally snackable Tiktok-certified dessert that has social media drooling! Hot, crispy, and oh so gooey, they’re everything that [TRANSMISSION INTERRUPTED, YOU ARE NOW OFFLINE]

Brewery work Brendan at the moment his life changed forever.
12 years sober down the drain.  Back Channel Brewing/Facebook


Beer Causes Yet Another Workplace Accident

An unexpected beer explosion at Back Channel Brewing Company turned into a viral sensation. The brewery capitalized on the incident, releasing ‘Blow Back New England IPA.’ The beer is bitter, to represent the feelings of the employee who got blasted in the face.

Burt's Bees Limited Edition Flavors Sold Out burtsbees/Instagram


Ranch Dressing Lip Balm Set Sells Out Creating Resale Frenzy

Burt’s Bees and Hidden Valley Ranch have released a 4-pack lip balm set with flavors like ranch dressing, just in time for the Super Bowl. Originally an April Fools’ joke back in 2022, the product has now quickly sold out, turning into an unexpected hit.

Two crates of Kit Kats in Limbo in CA


55,000 Kit Kats Go Missing in Bizarre Candy Caper

The journey of two shipping crates of candy bars took an unexpected turn, leaving freight broker Mr. Shane Black knee-deep in a pool of confusing chocolatey troubles, and wishing for a break… a Kit Kat break.

King Cake bittersweetnola/Instagram


Thief Pilfers 7 King Cakes in New Orleans Bakery Heist

A thief stole cash, vodka, and seven king cakes from a bakery in New Orleans during the Carnival season. The thief entered and exited through a side door leaving behind a whiff of Mardi Gras mayhem prompting the bakery to beef up security to protect its cherished king cakes.

Fried Toothpicks hiharu_22/TikTok


Deep-Fried Toothpick Trend Prompts Health Officials to Issue Warning

South Korean health officials warn against a viral food trend of consuming deep-fried toothpicks, which are made from corn or potato starch. Despite their eco-friendly nature, these toothpicks have not been verified for human consumption.

Fruit Stripe Gum Label Fruit Stripe Gum/Facebook


Fruit Stripe Gum Discontinued After Half a Century

The iconic Fruit Stripe Gum has been discontinued by Ferrara Candy. This nostalgic treat known for its rainbow packaging and zebra mascot, Yipes, has been discontinued do to changes in consumer tastes and brand trends, and has stirred emotions and fond memories among fans.

Kale flying through the cosmos Richard Cole/DALL-E


Kale Salad Could Transform Astronaut Nutrition in Space

Scientists have crowned the kale salad as the superhero of space munchies for long distance space missions (and just for men.) There will be no salad dressings or croutons, just kale… a lot of kale.

National Whipped Cream Day Marco Verch/Flickr


National Whipped Cream Day - 5 Fluffy Facts to Lick From the Bowl

Who doesn’t love whipped cream? That pillowy cloud of sweetness perched atop a steaming mug of cocoa, nestled between layers of velvety cake. But beyond its undeniable deliciousness, whipped cream has a history and science that’s as frothy and fun as its texture itself.

Grace and Taylors Crisps taylorssnacks/Instagram


10-Year-Old’s Campaign Brings Back Haggis Crisp Flavor

A girl from Edinburgh has single-handedly persuaded Taylors Snacks to bring back her favorite haggis and black pepper crisps year-round. Her initiative not only resulted in a year’s supply of crisps but also prompted an outpouring of support from other customers.

Limited-edition lambic-style ale brewed with our very own Rogue River Blue Cheese. Facebook Screenshot / Crux Fermentation Project


Intriguing Blue Cheese-Infused Ale Hits Oregon Shelves

In the realm of craft beverages, Coolship Beer No. 6 challenges norms with its unique blend of Rogue River Blue Cheese and ale aged in oak barrels for two years. Born from the collaboration of Rogue Creamery & Crux Fermentation Project, this fusion has sparked intrigue and skepticism.

Doritio Flavored Spirits YouTube Screenshot / Empirical


Doritos and Empirical’s Cheesy Fusion is Nacho Ordinary Spirits

Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur or simply curious, get ready to sip on the essence of nacho cheese in a way you’ve never imagined. Cheers to this zany collaboration that blends the iconic nacho cheese taste into a liquid adventure.

"I just make the cakes..... I don't ask questions...." Facebook Screenshot / Skysies Cakes


The Custom ‘Charlie Cake’ Incident Sparks Debate in Australia

A reminder of the fine line between creativity and appropriateness in the realm of custom orders. While some applaud a baker’s commitment to fulfilling unique requests, others question the responsibility of businesses when it comes to controversial designs.

Astronaut Frank Rubio checks tomato plants growing inside the International Space Station for the XROOTS space botany study. NASA


Missing Space Tomato Found After Eight Months

It has been a mystery that has captivated scientists and the public alike for over half a year, but the remains of a tiny tomato lost by NASA astronaut Frank Rubio have finally been found on the International Space Station after eight months of helmet-scratching.

Ikea Turkey-Sized Meatball Instagram Screenshot / ikeauk


IKEA Unveils Colossal Turkey-Sized Meatball for Christmas Feasts

IKEA is shaking up Christmas with a colossal “turkey-sized” meatball in its UK stores. Packed with beef, pork, and festive flair, this jumbo delight is set to be a showstopper, sparking a mix of awe and amusement.

Fingerless salad


Finger-lickin’ Good? Customer Sues Chopt over Finger Salad Fiasco

Chopt, the beloved salad haven, is currently embroiled in a lawsuit after a customer made a shocking discovery in her salad - a piece of the manager’s finger. According to the claim, the incident took place while the manager was chopping arugula.

Fish swim among the diners at Thai cafe Facebook/Sweet Fishs Cafe


Cafe in Thailand Where You Can Dine with the Fishes

In this restaurant in Khanom the dining gets immersive. The floor, filled with water and koi fish, sparks intrigue and offers an underwater dining adventure for your feet that blends culinary creativity with aquatic allure.

The latest trend for the fridge


Toilet Paper in the Fridge is The Coolest Trend on TikTok

What do you do when your fridge smells like a dumpster? Some people might clean it, throw away the expired food, or use some natural deodorizers. But others have a more unconventional solution: putting a roll of toilet paper in the fridge.

Alan Fisher and his World Records Instagram/alan.kyojin.stewhouse


Irish Chef Sets Two World Records in Culinary Marathon Extravaganza

Alan Fisher, chef and owner at Kyojin Stewhouse in Japan, cooks up a storm, smashing records for cooking and baking marathons. Fisher continuously cooked for almost 120 hours, and then, only 24 hours later, baked for over 47 hours.

Truck crashes in Sugar Land, TX Youtube Screenshot/FOX 26 Houston


Watermelon Apocalypse Hits Sugar Land Causing a Juicy Traffic Jam

In Sugar Land, Fort Bend County, hundreds of watermelons spilled across Interstate 69 following a truck crash. Thankfully nobody was hurt… other than the watermelons, which suffered catastrophic injuries.

Ancient pork juice jar YouTube/ たつみネットワーク


Restaurant Hasn’t Changed its Pork Juice Pot in 90 Years

A Restaurant in Tokyo has made the news after the discovery that it hasn’t cleaned its sauce jar in almost a century. The restaurant, Abe-chan, was the subject of a recent TV show where the host braved a pork skewer from a jar not cleaned since 1933.