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Men wearing masks to hide the pain on their faces.
Woman wearing a mask to hide her smile. Wikimedia/Creative Commons


Japanese Company Puts The “Men” in “Menstrual Pain”

Male workers at a Japanese company were given the opportunity to experience period pains, proving that even Japanese men will do anything to get out of working.

Ollie Comforting a Patient J&D Dental/Facebook


Goldendoodle is Secret Weapon Against Dental Anxiety

A Minneapolis dental practice has introduce an English Goldendoodle to provide emotional support for anxious patients during dental visits. Ollie’s calming effect has transformed the patient experience, offering comfort and joy in an innovative approach to alleviate dental anxiety.

Elmo Jason Moyer/ Unsplash


Elmo’s Simple Question Sparks National Conversation on Mental Health

Elmo, the beloved Sesame Street character, has become an unexpected online therapist, receiving a massive wave of heartfelt responses on social media. His empathetic interactions have not only shed light on internet users’ struggles but also fostered mental health discussions.

Researchers at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) have made a groundbreaking revelation, discovering that T cells can be reprogrammed to combat aging. Assistant Professor Corina Amor Vegas and her colleagues have paved the way for a potential anti-aging elixir within our own bodies.


Rejuvenating Fountain of Youth Found Within Our Own Cells

Researchers at CSHL have made a groundbreaking revelation, discovering that T cells can be reprogrammed to combat aging. Assistant Professor Corina Amor Vegas and her colleagues have paved the way for a potential anti-aging elixir within our own bodies.

Social media and materialism linked to mental health issues Barefoot Communications/Unsplash


Materialistic Mindsets on Social Media Linked to Mental Health Decline

New study warns of the impact of materialism on social media, revealing a perilous link to stress and diminished life satisfaction. The research shows how materialistic desires on such platforms contribute to addictive behavior and mental health decline.

"Smart Glove" to be tested by stroke survivors Lou Bosshart/UBC Media Relations


AI-Powered “Smart Glove” Makes a Quantum Leap in Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke survivors in British Columbia will test a new “smart glove” with sensor yarns & AI, aiming to revolutionize rehab & restore limb function. This wireless marvel tracks movements with 99% accuracy, also paving the way for future VR & healthcare applications.

Human Colon Cancer Cells NIH Image Gallery/Flickr


Revolutionary Cancer Therapy Emerges From CO-Infused Foam Study

Smokers in a cancer trial thrived, leading researchers to develop a drinkable CO foam that boosts an experimental therapy in mice and human cells. This novel approach could pave the way for improved cancer treatment in future clinical trials.

Migraine sufferers weather trigggers Creative Commons/Flickr


New Research Shows Demand for Pain-Aware Weather Predictions

New research shows nearly 70% of people with chronic pain would adjust their plans based on weather-based pain forecasts, pointing to a potential future tool for managing daily life.

Skull of an individual with mosaic Turner syndrome from Iron Age Somerset, UK Kakia Anastasiadou et al/Communications Biology


Researchers Using Ancient DNA Identify Prehistoric Individuals with Turner Syndrome

New DNA analysis reveals hidden lives in ancient Britain. Researchers have identified the first prehistoric person with Turner syndrome and the earliest known case of Jacob’s syndrome, offering insights into health & gender perceptions across millennia.

Cardiac Surgeon Performing Pig Heart Surgery Eric Schmuttenmaer/Flickr


MIT Researchers Unveil Revolutionary Biorobotic Heart Simulator

MIT researchers unveil a groundbreaking biorobotic heart simulator, blending biology and technology to mimic a real heart’s function. The innovative device, based on a pig heart model, offers versatile applications in cardiac research, surgical training, and understanding heart conditions.

National Cuddle Day Creative Commons


National Cuddle Day: Wrap your arms around these snuggly facts

Cuddling, a word that invokes soft blankets, gentle whispers, and a symphony of quiet breaths. In that tender embrace, worries hush and anxieties melt, replaced by a warmth that seeps into the very core. Happy National Cuddle Day!

Kelsey Hatche and husband Caleb with their daughters, Roxi and Rebel @UABMedicine/Instagram


Woman with Rare Double Uterus Gives Birth to Two Daughters in Two Days

An extraordinary medical feat unfolded in Alabama as Kelsey Hatcher, a woman with a rare double uterus, astounded experts by giving birth to two daughters in a remarkable two-day span, defying one-in-a-million odds.

An X-ray of the man's neck displayed pockets of trapped air beneath the skin, indicated by the arrows. Photo Credit: BMJ Case Reports 2023


Man Tears Windpipe After Holding in a Sneeze

A man suffered a tracheal tear when driving his car and attempting to hold in a sneeze. The increased pressure caused by pinching his nose and closing his mouth while sneezing caused a tiny tear in his windpipe, although he didn’t suffer and major symptoms.

Lauren Canaday with her book, "Independence Ave" Lauren Canaday/Substack


US Author Lauren Canaday’s Miraculous Return to Life After 24 Minutes of Clinical Death

Sharing details during an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit, Lauren Canaday described her experience of being “clinically dead” for 24 minutes before being resuscitated. Sje experienced what is known as the Lazarus effect, where someone declared dead is “resurrected.”

Cuddly Cow YouTube Screenshot / Euronews Next


Bovine Therapy at a Yorkshire Farm is Udder Bliss

At Dumble Farm in Yorkshire, UK, visitors can experience stress relief through cow cuddling and learn about sustainable farming. Despite the high cost, tickets are in demand, highlighting the therapeutic potential of human-animal interactions.

Safina Namukwaya, who has given birth to twins Facebook/Women's Hospital International and Fertility Centre


70-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth to Twins Following IVF

A 70-year-old woman in Uganda has defied expectations by giving birth to twins through IVF. The joyous event, hailed as a “miracle” by Namukwaya, underscores the remarkable strides in fertility treatments and challenges conventional notions surrounding age and childbirth.

Fly found inside man's intestine University of Missouri School of Medicine


Fly Found Inside Man’s Intestines Alive and Well

During a routine colonoscopy in a hospital in Missouri, doctors were stunned to discover a fly, intact and alive, inside a patient’s intestines. The patient was equally perplexed and had no idea how the visitor made its way inside to enjoy his dinner.

Twins in separate uteri X Screenshot / Good Morning America


Woman with Double Uterus - Having a Baby in Each One

Kelsey Hatcher, a mom of three, has a rare condition of having two uteri. She is pregnant with twin girls, one in each uterus. She will deliver them on Christmas Day, either naturally or by a double C-section. Her case is astounding and surprising, even for her doctor.