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These strange but true St. Patrick's Day facts will shake your shamrocks to their very core. Are leprechauns even real? Should I kiss people just because they claim to be Irish? Am I drunk right now? I don't know what to believe anymore! Odd News Show


7 St. Patrick’s Day Facts That Will Sham-Rock Your World

Ya know what will really kick your St. Patrick’s Day party up a notch? Facts! Here are 7 strange but true St. Patrick’s Day facts that will make you question everything you thought you knew about the holiday.

Boston Tea Party on 250th anniversary YouTube Screenshot / WCVB Channel 5 Boston


250th Anniversary of Boston Tea Party Brews Up a Storm

Boston Harbor echoed with “Huzzah!” as thousands gathered to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. The grand celebration included reenactments of the symbolic tea dumping, with modern elements added to honor the historical event.

Bottle Found at Shinnecock Bay Adam Travis Mattituck High School Alumni/Facebook


Message in a Bottle Found After 32 Years, Honoring Late Teacher’s Legacy

A message in a bottle from a 1992 Earth Science project resurfaces 32 years later, connecting generations and inspiring a community. The unexpected find honors the late Mr. Richard E. Brooks, sparking emotional connections and rekindling poignant memories among former students.

Excavations at Holborn Viaduct City of London/Twitter


Archaeologists Uncover Rare Roman Funerary Bed in London Excavation

In a remarkable discovery, a fully intact Roman funerary bed has been unearthed in London, shedding light on ancient burial practices. The find offers a unique insight into Roman funerary customs and provides a rare glimpse into 2000 years of history in the heart of the city.

Nestled on the North Coast of British Columbia, Kitsault has stood frozen in time since 1982, an eerie yet captivating sight with maintained houses, shopping centers, restaurants, banks, pubs, and theaters, all abandoned but well-preserved. Despite a ghost town ambiance, it has manicured lawns, lit streets, and a sense of suspended animation for the past four decades. Exploring with Wade/YouTube


Exploring the Eerily Abandoned Utopian Town of Kitsault

Nestled on the North Coast of British Columbia, Kitsault has stood frozen in time since 1982, an eerie yet captivating sight with maintained houses, shopping centers, restaurants, banks, pubs, and theaters, all abandoned but well-preserved.

"Rufus" Déri Múzeum/Facebook


Rare Discovery of 7th-Century Warrior’s Armor

Remains of a 7th-century Avar warrior, including intact lamellar armor were unearthed in Hungary. The discovery provides valuable insights, and challenges assumptions about Pannonian Avar’s military gear and burial customs.

Amelia Earhart (1897-1937) Unknown author/Wikimedia


Amelia Earhart’s Plane Possibly Located in Pacific After 87 Years

Deep Sea Vision, an ocean exploration company, has discovered a plane-shaped object in the Pacific Ocean, potentially the wreckage of Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Electra. The discovery, captured by an underwater drone, adds a new chapter to this enduring aviation mystery.

285-Year Old Lemon Brettells/Facebook


285-Year-Old Lemon Commands High Price at Auction

An antique lemon, dating back 285 years and believed to be a romantic gift from colonial India, was discovered in an old cabinet and astonishingly auctioned for $1,780. This artifact’s value overshadowed the cabinet it was found in, selling for nearly 50 times more.

Shipwreck on Newfoundland Shore Corey Purchase/Facebook


Ghostly Shipwreck Emerges on Newfoundland Shore

A 19th-century shipwreck has emerged on the shores of Newfoundland, prompting curiosity and historical interest. As experts investigate, the community eagerly awaits insights into this maritime mystery.

Norton Disney dodecahedron Norton Disney History + Archaeology Group/Twitter


Amateur Archaeologists Uncover Rare Roman Dodecahedron in British Village

Amateur archaeologists unearthed a Gallo Roman Dodecahedron, a mysterious 12-sided object, during a summer excavation in Norton Disney, Lincolnshire. The find, larger than typical dodecahedra and remarkably intact, raises intrigue about its purpose and use in Roman times.

14th Century Gauntlet found near Kyburg Castle Canton of Zurich, Construction Department


Sensational 14th-Century Gauntlet Unearthed During Excavation

Archeologists in Kyburg, Switzerland, unearthed a 14th-century gauntlet, shedding light on medieval craftsmanship and military gear. This rare find, one of only five in Switzerland, offers insights into the era’s forging activities while raising questions about its origin and owner.

Archaeologist Federico Bernardini and Astronomer Paolo Molaro at the Castelliere di Rupinpiccolo, with what could be the oldest celestial map ever discovered. INAF/Facebook


3,000-Year-Old Celestial Map Unearthed in Italy

A stone disk has been discovered in northeastern Italy etched with enigmatic engravings resembling a celestial map, challenging our understanding of ancient civilizations. This artifact, potentially the world’s oldest celestial map suggests an exceptional level of astronomical curiosity.

Bullet found in Spain in 2019, one side inscribed "IPSCA" and the other "CAES." Moralejo Ordax et al


Caesar’s name inscribed on 2000-year-old bullet alters Spanish Civil War narrative

An ancient sling bullet inscribed with “CAES” hints that a forgotten Spanish town called Ipsca defied the odds and backed Julius Caesar during his civil war, potentially rewriting our understanding of this pivotal moment in Roman history.

Golden Toungue Found in Egypt Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities/Facebook


Mummified Bodies with Golden Tongues Discovered in Egyptian Tombs

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered two mummified bodies with golden tongues, believed to enable communication with Osiris in the afterlife. The site’s ongoing excavations promise further insights into the cultural lifestyle during the Greco-Roman period.

Grave with Skelton Remains Dated AD 601-659 Darganfod 2023: Andy Seaman/YouTube


Castle Grounds Yield Intriguing Discovery: Crouching Skeletons, Feasts, & Games

An early medieval cemetery dating back to the 6th or 7th century, has been discovered at Fonmon Castle in South Wales. Excavation revealed 80 graves, artifacts, and signs of affluence, prompting further investigation into the identities and social status of those buried.

Piece of Wood from 1800's Ship on Assateague Beach Friends of Assateague State Park/Facebook


19th Century Ship Wreckage Washes Ashore in Maryland

A 14.5-foot piece of wood, identified as a deck timber from a 19th-century ship, washed ashore at Assateague State Park in Maryland. Rather than removing the historical artifact, officials tagged it to track its future journey at sea.

Andres Altwein/AP


30 Years Ago Bizarre Tonya Harding Had Nancy Kerrigan Attacked

Jan 6, 1994 put an odd twist in figure skating—Nancy Kerrigan attacked at U.S. Championships, part of Tonya Harding’s plot for Olympic glory. Scandal tarnished Harding, but Kerrigan’s resilience won her a silver at ‘94 Winter Olympics. 30 years on, it’s a cautionary tale etched in sports history.

Begging Bonzo EJ's Auction & Appraisal / Website Screenshot


Rare 1927 Steiff Begging Bonzo Dog Hits Auction Block

Unearthed at a Michigan flea market four decades ago, this 10.5-inch velvet canine, one of only 115 ever made is on the auction block. The 1927 Steiff Begging Bonzo dog is a rare cartoon relic set to command upwards of $30,000.

Ingar Karlsen showing his discovery Trøndelag county municipality Website / Rune Normann


Bronze Age Gold Bracelet Discovered by Metal Detectorist

A metal detectorist uncovered a rare gold bracelet, showing intricate craftsmanship and dating back over 2,500 years. This exceptional find, one of only three such bracelets discovered in Norway, offers insights into preserving the nation’s cultural heritage.

1708 Shipwreck Galleon San Jose YouTube Screenshot / WIS


The “Holy Grail” of Shipwrecks is Soon to be Salvaged

Plans to retrieve objects from the 1708 shipwreck of the San Jose, a treasure trove believed to be worth billions. Amidst complex legal & diplomatic disputes the nation faces the challenge of navigating the line between underwater archaeological exploration & the economic allure.

Workers Restoring the Wall of Bones in the Paris Catacombs YouTube Screenshot / FRANCE 24 English


Restoring the Bone Walls of Paris Catacombs

A transformative restoration is a vital part of Parisian heritage, involving meticulous bone restacking & modernization efforts. An ambitious undertaking to  guarantee the preservation, and an experience blending historical significance with innovative storytelling.

Pompeii Artefact Has Long Been a Decor in Belgian Home YouTube Screenshot / Euronews Culture


Pompeii Marble Slab Resurfaces in Belgian House 50 Years Later

A Belgian family has uncovered a secret within the walls of their home - a stolen artifact from the ancient ruins that has silently resided there for over half a century. The Gallo-Roman Museum confirms its authenticity, initiating investigations and the artifact’s imminent return.

Silk Dress Contains Cryptogram Blog Screenshot / Bennett's Bronze Bustle / Sara Rivers Cofield


The Silk Dress and its Weathered Secrets

In unraveling the secrets of a silk dress, a team of enthusiasts and researchers decoded a century-old message and rekindled an appreciation for the pioneers of weather forecasting. The enigmatic dress will forever be a symbol of the untold stories concealed within the folds of time.

Sonar captured on the fishing trip Facebook/Tim Wollak


Father-Daughter Duo Unearths a Ghost Ship from the Peshtigo Fire

While on a fishing trip on Lake Michigan, Tim Wollak and his daughter, Henley, believed at first they may have spotted an octopus on their sonar. Wollak, thinking there might be more to their finding, posted the image on Facebook where it was confirmed it was an undiscovered shipwreck.

Argoland X / Leo_news


Argoland: A 155-Million-Year Geological Mysterious Marvel

The lost continent Argoland has embarked on a 155-million-year journey from Australia to Southeast Asia. Its transformation into the Argopelago offers a fresh perspective on Earth’s dynamic geological movements and impacts on biodiversity

Thanksgiving 1973. Left: Skylab 4 astronauts Gerald P. Carr, Edward G. Gibson, and William R. Pogue, the first crew to celebrate Thanksgiving in space. Right: Gibson, left, Pogue, and Carr demonstrate eating aboard Skylab. NASA


NASA looks back on Thanksgiving in Space

In a photo series, NASA explores the earliest Thanksgivings celebrated in space until today.

"A photo reveals the outline of an ancient building in Seddin, Germany, potentially linked to a legendary king known for his golden coffin. Prignitz District


Archaeologists Unearth Massive Bronze Age Hall Linked to Legendary German King

King Hinz’s historical significance remains elusive, yet this discovery underscores the power of Prignitz royalty during the Nordic Bronze Age. Germany is actively supporting ongoing research with a 300,000 euro grant.

The Loch Ness Monster continues to inspire fascination Matt84/Getty Images


Celebrating 90 Years of Loch Ness Monster Mania in Scotland

November 12, 2023, marked 90 years since an event that ignited worldwide fascination and firmly established the Loch Ness Monster, affectionately known as Nessie, in popular culture. The anniversary was celebrated with numerous events and Nessie celebrities.