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If money was no object; what would you eat? U.S. Department of Agriculture/Flickr


Let Them Eat Steak: Stop Buying Groceries and Live Debt-Free

Sure, corporations charge outrageous food prices, but that’s because food is a luxury. Walking up the street with a cheeseburger and a glass of milk is the biggest FLEX modern society has. Nobody NEEDS to eat, that’s what makes buying food such a status symbol.

As Sun Tzu once tweeted, "All warfare is based on deception." Pexels/Supareg Sukasai


Concealed Carry: Crafty Porch Pirate Secures the Bag

Major Bag Alert! This theft was a CINCH! The homeowner wasn’t too GLAD to see this bag make off with such a HEFTY package. Should this DUMPSTER of a person get tossed in the loony BIN, or spend some time in the CAN?

A look back at the week's most peculiar stories from around the world. Whether your interests lie in porcine health, baseball, mythical creatures, Easter festivities, celestial phenomena, or Tintin's unexpected inclusion in the Belgian national soccer team, look no further. Odd News Show


Your Friday Odd News Weekly Roundup - Apr 5th 2024

A look back at the week’s most peculiar stories from around the world. Whether your interests lie in robots, art, sausage dogs, raccoons, basketball, eclipses, or you just love doing strange things with toads, then look no further.

When you steal from the government, it's the taxpayer that suffers. Defense Visual Information Distribution Service/Public Domain


Stop the Steal? Air Force One Picked Clean by Thieving Reporters

You’ll own nothing, and you will be UN-happy. After years of theft from Air Force One, the White House Correspondents’ Association issued a stern warning to reporters against theft. But will a glorified press release be enough to stop this aerial crime wave?

Sit! Roll over! KILL! Massachusetts State Police/Associated Press


Assault and Batteries: Robot Police Dog Has a Warranty for Your Arrest

Rage Against the Machine Learning? A robotic police dog was gunned down in the line of duty - should the public be upset about the forced disassembly of a mechanized dog, or is it just manufactured outrage?

If you're into both greeting cards and sporting good, this is the real Magic Kingdom EyewitnessNewsABC7NY/YouTube


Missing Ohio Boy Was Just on His 12-Year-Old Dream Vacation

A missing 12 year old Ohio boy, was found in a Target store after spending the night. This should 100% be a Target TV commercial.

In case you never saw a gas pump, here's one. Marek Studzinski/Unsplash


Woman Uses Pump Glitch for $27,000 of Free Gas

A woman in Lincoln, Nebraska has been filled up with criminal charges after scamming a gas station for free gas over several months.

Most couples wait a few years before they want to escape reality. @jahvascript/Twitter


Nerd Groom Bravely Rocks VR Headset At Wedding

Every little girl dreams of a fairy tale wedding, but this bride’s Prince Charming turned out to be the Duke of Dorkdom. 

Just your run of the mill clothing-optional daytime bat fight. Stay Tuned/YouTube


Naked Woman Swings Spiked Bat In Bizarre Daytime Duel

What do you get when you mix a nudist, a spiked club, and a day at the beach? A real-life episode of “Naked and Afraid: Venice Beach Edition.”

A picture is worth a thousand words (and $800,000 dollars.) New York Post/YouTube


Mom Throws Away $800k Disability Payout After Winning Tree-Throwing Comepetion

One woman’s $800,000 personal injury settlement went up in smoke, or rather, pine needles after photographic evidence emerged of her launching Christmas trees like the Grinch on steroids in a post-holiday tree-throwing competition in Ireland.

Wallet Found 65 Years Later Atlanta First News/YouTube


Historic Theatre Discovers Forgotten Relic: Hope for Lost Socks Revived?

Atlanta’s Plaza Theatre discovered a lost wallet tucked away for 65 years, offering a captivating glimpse into the past. Theater owner Chris Escobar’s quest to reunite the wallet with the family of its owner, Floy Culbreth, unveiled a poignant reunion and personal histories.

Human leg discovered on subway tracks MTAEnthusiast10/Wikimedia


Parts Unknown: Subway Riders Unfazed by Amputated Leg

Can I kick it? When an amputated leg was discovered on the New York City subway tracks, riders reacted with overwhelming indifference. The hacked up facts are all disconnected, and something that’s missing is afoot.

Frozen embryos, or living children? Gingras Thomsen and Wachs LLP Lawyers website/No photographer credit listed


Ice Ice Baby? Court Rules Frozen Embryos are Children

Baby, it’s COLD outside! The Alabama Supreme Court dropped an extremely un-CHILL ruling when it declared that a FROZEN embryo is legally a child. The court’s decision is getting a FROSTY reception. Do I need to stop being a SNOWFLAKE or should the state put the ruling on ICE?

A member of the Beagle Brigade signaling a piece of luggage U.S. Department of Agriculture/Wikimedia


US Customs K9 Unit Unmasks Attempt to Smuggle Bushmeat

U.S. Customs and Border Protection at Logan Airport intercepted an illegal import of four desiccated monkeys. The CBP’s K9 unit, Buddey, played a key role in the discovery, displaying the importance of such units in safeguarding public health.

WJLX 101.5 FM hoping to recover their stolen tower. WJLX 101.5 FM/Facebook


200-ft Radio Tower Stolen Leaving Local Station in Silence

WJLX-AM, the voice of Jasper, Alabama, is off-air due to the shocking theft of its 200-foot radio tower and broadcasting equipment. The community has rallied behind the station as it faces the challenge of reconstruction and resuming operations.

Bomb unearthed at future site of the Wilton Simpson Technical College Campus in Brooksville. Hernando County Sheriff's Office/Facebook


Construction Crew Discovers 1,000-Pound WWII Bomb in Florida

Construction workers at the upcoming Wilton Simpson Technical College Campus in Brooksville made a startling discovery as they stumbled upon a decaying 1,000-pound Mark 65 bomb from World War II during routine excavation near the Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport.

Tuberculosis and a neanderthal skeleton Canva


Neanderthals’ Ancient Battle with Tuberculosis Revealed in Prehistoric Bones

A study led by György Pálfi from the University of Szeged reveals tuberculosis in Neanderthal remains, shedding light on ancient disease’s impact on human evolution. The presence of tuberculosis dates back 36-39 thousand years, offering valuable insights into prehistoric health.

Milky Creek Lynchburg Fire Department/Facebook


‘Milk River’ Mystery: Unraveling the Unusual Phenomenon

A Lynchburg, Virginia creek turned milky due to waste milk overflow from the Westover Dairy plant. Swift action by firefighters and Lynchburg Water Resources has determined that there is no major environmental impact.

Uncover how the ELT's state-of-the-art design and colossal mirror size are poised to revolutionize ground-based astronomy and the search for Earth-like planets in the "habitable zones" of other stars, heralding a new era in observational astronomy. Credit: ESO


Extremely Large Telescope: Pioneering the Search for Earth-like Planets

Uncover how the ELT’s state-of-the-art design and colossal mirror size are poised to revolutionize ground-based astronomy and the search for Earth-like planets in the “habitable zones” of other stars, heralding a new era in observational astronomy.

Missile found in a Bellevue, WA Garage Bellevue, WA Police/Twitter


Cold War-Era Nuclear Rocket Unearthed in Neighborhood Garage

A Cold War-era rocket, once designed to carry a nuclear warhead was found inert in a Bellevue, Washington garage. The historical relic was deemed safe and will be restored for museum display.

500 Pound Mounted Polar Bear Stolen Wes Belmore Alberta Stolen/Facebook


Bizarre Theft of 500-Pound Stuffed Polar Bear Baffles Canadian Resort

In a daring heist, a 500-pound taxidermied polar bear named Harry was stolen from the Lionsheart Wholeness Center in Alberta, Canada. The theft has left the community and law enforcement puzzled and heightened vigilance for the stolen items online.

Diamond Ring Recovered City of Greenville, South Carolina Government/Facebook


Recycling Center Recovers Lost Diamond Wedding Ring

Workers at a South Carolina recycling center successfully recovered a resident’s diamond ring, demonstrating exceptional teamwork. The city commended the Public Works team for their extraordinary effort in this rare find.

Bennu, the focus of NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center


NASA Still Can’t Get Inside Space Canister Three Months After its Return

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission faces a hurdle in opening the canister containing rocks and dust collected from asteroid Bennu. Despite setbacks, the mission has already provided valuable insights into the building blocks of life, with scientists eagerly awaiting the extraction of the sample.

Officer's Help Rescue Circus Animals from Fire Grant County Sheriff's Office - Marion, IN/Facebook


Circus Animals Saved from Fiery Interstate Inferno

Zebras and camels en route to a circus in Fort Wayne, Indiana, caused a traffic halt on an interstate after their trailer caught fire. All animals were safely rescued, with no injuries reported, and the circus performances are set to continue as scheduled.

Pan Statue Rediscovered WLKY News Loouisville/YouTube


Missing Bronze Statue of Pan Resurfaces After 30 Years

The long-lost bronze statue of Pan believed stolen from the Belvedere, was found in a Louisville resident’s backyard. Despite weathering, the city plans to restore and relocate it, ending the decades-long mystery of its disappearance.

Scott Wylie from UK/Wikimedia


Cemetery’s Innovative Initiative for Sustainability

Highgate Cemetery, London’s historic burial ground is addressing its space shortage with a Grave Renewal Initiative. This pioneering approach reclaims unused graves, to ensure the cemetery’s future as an active burial site, not just a tourist attraction.

7.46-Carot Diamond found at Arkansas State Park Crater of Diamonds State Park/Facebook


Tourist Discovers 7.46-Carat Diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park

During his first visit to the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, Julien Navas from Paris discovered a 7.46-carat diamond, the largest discovered at the park since 2020. He plans to transform this ‘Carine Diamond’ into two gems for his loved ones

Arthur Masterson Awarded Diploma WPRI/YouTube


WWII Veteran Receives High School Diploma After 78 Years

World War II veteran Arthur Masterson, 96, received his high school diploma 78 years late, a detail discovered on his discharge papers. Recognizing his service, East Greenwich Schools awarded the overdue diploma, a moment he celebrated with his family.

Dr. Phil Masterson Rolling Into Retirement chanelandcoke/TikTok


Texas Doctor Skates Through Halls of ER Rolling Into Retirement

ER doctor Dr. Phil Masterson bid farewell to his 40-year career with a roller-skating display in the hospital, earning viral fame on TikTok. This memorable event marked the end of his long-standing service in the medical field.

All Dogs Required to be Reigistered Blue Bird/Pexels


City Implements DNA Registration System to Tackle Dog Waste Problem

Bolzano, Italy, is implementing a DNA registration system for dogs to address the issue of dog waste, holding owners accountable through fines. The initiative, which has generated interest from other cities, aims to revolutionize the identification of negligent dog owners.

The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Curator Pedigree (Marvel, 1963) Heritage Auctions


The Amazing Spider-Man No. 1 Commands $1.38 Million at Auction

Amazing Spider-Man No. 1 comic, featuring Spider-Man’s first encounter with the Fantastic Four, in pristine condition sold for a record $1.38 million. Its rarity and historical significance, coupled with a Near Mint/Mint grade, fueled the unprecedented sale.

Squishy Metal-Free Magnets Michigan Engineering/YouTube


Revolutionary Metal-Free Magnets Bend the Rules for Robotics and Medicine

Researchers unveiled a “metal-free magnetic gel,” marrying carbon-based magnets with a flexible gel for soft robots, dissolvable medical implants, and precise drug delivery. The gel will offer non-toxic, long-lasting magnets for innovative applications in robotics and medicine.

Mummified 'alien' Humanoids The Independent/YouTube


Peruvian “Alien Mummies” Unveiled as Elaborate Hoax

Mysterious ‘alien mummies’ found in Peru were proven to be dolls made from animal bones and synthetic glue according to the Peruvian Ministry of Culture. The findings, presented at a press conference dispelled extraterrestrial speculations amid the dolls’ earthly origins.

Hole Dug by João Pimenta da Silva in His Home Record News/YouTube


71-Year-Old Man’s Dream of Gold Ends in Tragic Fall

João Pimenta da Silva, 71, tragically lost his life chasing buried gold in a 40-meter well beneath his home. His local community is in mourning, grappling with the mystery surrounding his secret treasure hunt.

PacifiCat Voyager for Sale British Columbia Business Advertising/Dorm Saos/Facebook


Iconic Fast Cat Ferries Resurface on Facebook Marketplace

Fast Cat ferries, once a symbol of mismanagement in British Columbia, are up for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Consultant Rob Arthurs is seeking buyers to repurpose these fuel-efficient ships, potentially as yachts, with their value and resale potential being incentives.

Kathleen Murray Prize Winning World's Ugliest Lawn Gotland/Website


Shailene Woodley’s “World’s Ugliest Lawn” Competition Crowns New Champion

A woman in Tasmania has won the World’s Ugliest Lawn competition, which highlights water conservation and biodiversity. The contest organized by the island of Gotland, Sweden, and Shailene Woodley, promotes eco-friendly gardening and has reduced water consumption by 5%.

Cat at the Table A Cafe adaysophie/YouTube


South Korea Roars into Action on Animal Cafe Welfare

South Korea’s animal cafes, popular for their variety of animals, face new regulations due to animal welfare concerns. Amid mixed reactions from owners and calls for more measures by activists, the challenge lies in balancing animal welfare with economic interests.

Picric Acid Gauze Pads Oroville Police Department/Facebook


Vintage Girl Scout First Aid Kit With Explosive Contents, Bomb Squad Called

A vintage Girl Scout first aid kit discovered in California contained two gauze pads with picric acid, an unstable chemical used as an explosive. The discovery prompted a quick bomb squad response, area evacuation, and safe substance disposal.

Reptiles Seized by Australian authorities 7NEWS Australia/YouTube


Police Disrupt Cold-Blooded Smuggling Operation of Rare Reptiles

The Australian “Raptor Squad” dismantled a syndicate illegally exporting Australian lizards and reptiles. The operation began with the interception of 59 lizards en route to Hong Kong and led to the rescue of 257 reptiles and the apprehension of four suspects.

Forest fires ravaging planet Earth US Government/Creative Commons


New Study Proposes “Restorative Pathway” to Tackle Climate Change and Inequality

Oregon State University researchers unveil a groundbreaking “Restorative Pathway” to tackle climate change, biodiversity loss, and social inequality. They advocate urgent integration into climate models, emphasizing radical incrementalism for a more equitable, resilient world.

"Tunnel Girl" Welding engineer.everything/TikTok


TikTok’s ‘Tunnel Girl’ Faces Hurdles in Her Underground Project

“Tunnel Girl” has gained over half a million followers documenting her project of building an underground shelter beneath her home in Northern VA, sparking debate and concern over safety. Despite a stop-work order and hiatus, the #tunnelgirl hashtag continues to engage fans.

New Zealand fisherman Will Fransen CBC News: The National/YouTube


Shark, Exhaustion, Rescue: One Man’s Fight for Survival in the Pacific

New Zealand fisherman Will Fransen endured a near-death experience at sea, surviving 24 hours in cold, choppy waters after his boat capsized. He eventually used his watch to reflect sunlight. and caught the attention of fellow anglers, leading to a miraculous rescue.

Fish at the Alabama Bass Pro Shop Globetrotting with Trey/YouTube


Man Dives Naked into Aquarium at Bass Pro Shop

An Alabama man, George Owens, caused a spectacle at a Leeds sporting goods store by diving naked into the store’s aquarium. The incident, which began with erratic behavior and a vehicular crash, resulted in multiple charges and has sparked widespread attention on social media.

Plane Stolen in Nevada Fox5 Las Vegas/YouTube


Man Arrested After Stealing Plane and Crossing State Lines

A man from Idaho allegedly stole a plane from North Las Vegas, flew 100 miles, and was arrested near Barstow-Daggett Airport. He faces charges of possession of a stolen airplane and transporting stolen property across state lines.

The Popular Stanley Cups Ashley Iacobucci/Facebook


Stanley Cup Galentine’s Day Frenzy Sweeping Target Stores

A century-old brand has become a cultural sensation as its limited-edition collection sparks a frenzy at Target stores nationwide. From TikTok-fueled store rushes to a transformative marketing strategy, Stanley Quencher’s evolution is a global phenomenon.

Grenade Found in Dallas Area Home White Settlement Police Department/Facebook


Military-Style Hand Grenade Found During Home Renovation

During a home renovation in a Texas neighborhood, the new owner discovered a military-style hand grenade hidden within the walls. The bomb squad intervened, evacuating the area and confirming the grenade was inert with the incident ending safely.

Recliner in Pothole Grand Haven Pothole Tourism Center/Facebook


Furniture-Filled Pothole Becomes Social Media Sensation

A pothole transformed into a viral sensation when locals turned it into an outdoor living room, complete with recliner, Christmas tree, and speakers. Despite the lighthearted spectacle, concerns about road safety emerged, prompting discussions on responsibility and repairs.

Twin Boys Born on Different Days in Different Years CBS Philadelphia/YouTube


Twins Born on Different Days Create Rare New Year’s Celebration

A couple welcomed twins - one on New Year’s Eve and the other on New Year’s Day, with the brothers not only sharing different birth dates but also different birth years. Born at Virtua Voorhees Hospital, the twins’ extraordinary arrival creates a memorable family narrative.

Chandler Hughes KPRC 2 Click2Houston/YouTube


Chandler Hughes, Young Genius of Humble, Texas

In the heart of Humble, a six-year-old has become a national sensation as he joins Mensa, the exclusive society for those with high IQs. He started reading at the age of 1 and dreams of becoming a medical doctor.

Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkin United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida - Case No.: 8:23-cv-02977


Lawsuit Filed Against Hershey’s Over Holiday Candy Monstrosities

A woman from Tampa Bay has filed a class action lawsuit for $5 million against the Hershey company, claiming that the candy packaging is “misleading.” The lawsuit takes aim at Reese’s peanut butter pumpkins, ghosts, bats, and footballs among others.

Grinch at the Crash Scene The Wood Barn/Facebook


You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch Crashes Car on Christmas Day

On Christmas night, the Grinch donned his festive outfit for a drive through Exeter, only to crash into The Word Barn, leaving a trail of damaged signs and lights. The driver’s festive antics surprised local authorities and onlookers, resulting in a new take on the Christmas story.

Poster of the Missing Statues fresno.pd/Instagram


Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Thief? Fairytale Felon Steals Three Little Pigs Statues

Playland in Roeding Park fell victim to a heist as four statues from “The Three Little Pigs” were stolen in December. With Playland facing financial struggles, the police are seeking public help to recover the stolen figures, emphasizing their sentimental value to the community.

Driveway Stolen in Florida Nick Papantonis WFTV/Facebook


Florida Woman’s Driveway Stolen Following Overpayment Scam

Amanda Brochu fell victim to an overpayment scam that escalated into the theft of her driveway. Scammers posed as a non-existent landlord convincing contractors to perform unauthorized work and then bouncing checks.

Josh Slavin Rating Louis XVI Last Meal jjslavin/Instagram


Man Rates Death Row Inmates’ Last Meals on Instagram

Josh Slavin, a 23-year-old finance professional, has gained social media fame by taste-testing and rating the final meals of infamous death row inmates. The Instagram series has sparked discussions on the ethics of such content of this rare aspect of history.

Air Algerie Airplane Air Algerie/Facebook


Stowaway Discovered Alive in Aircraft Landing Gear

Discovered in a critical condition within the landing gear bay of an Air Algerie plane at Paris Orly airport, a stowaway was found clinging to life. Despite the grave dangers involved, some individuals persist in undertaking these hazardous journeys.

Polar Airlines aircraft landed on a frozen Kolyma River Aviation Safety Network / Facebook Screenshot


Polar Airlines Flight Mistakenly Lands on Frozen Russian River

A Polar Airlines flight in Russia’s far east unexpectedly landed on the frozen Kolyma River due to a pilot error. All 30 passengers and four crew members on the Soviet-era Antonov An-24 aircraft emerged unharmed.

Fireball Flo's Birthday Celebration Traditions of Deerfield/Facebook


Whisky-Fueled Celebration with 105-Year-Old “Fireball Flo”

A Fireball whisky enthusiast celebrating her 105th birthday in Ohio, received a surprise tribute from Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. Dressed in sequins & surrounded by loved ones, Flo celebrated her extraordinary milestone and her age-defying passion for life.

Santa Pexels / Oleksandr P


Peruvian Police Play Santa in Festive Drug Bust

The Peruvian Green Squad are tackling drug-related crimes with a unique festive twist, donning Santa Claus attire during raids on suspected drug dealers near Lima. This unconventional approach, both lighthearted and effective, led to successful arrests in recent operations.

Toads Takeover YouTube Screenshot / B.C.Begley


Toad Takeover Causes Chaos and Collisions in Choloma

The surreal invasion of amphibians that turned the streets and homes of Choloma, Honduras into a scene reminiscent of biblical plagues. As heavy rains overwhelmed the city’s drainage culminating in a multi-car pile-up and leaving residents astounded.

Australian Beach Pexels / Valeriia Miller


Cocaine Packages with Barnacles Found on Aussie Beaches

The perplexing saga of barnacle-covered packages suspected to contain cocaine washing ashore on Australia’s beaches. As authorities investigate the mysterious find, a public warning is issued against handling or opening any such packages this Christmas Eve weekend.

Man Takes Live Tarpon from Bass Pro Shop Facebook Screenshot / Lee County Sheriff's Office


Man Takes a 50-Pound Tarpon from Florida Bass Pro Shops Display

A thief stole a live Megalops from a store in Fort Myers, Florida prompting a criminal investigation. The Sheriff’s Office collaborating with wildlife officials & seeking public assistance is actively pursuing the recovery of the stolen fish and the identification of the poacher.

Goods stolen by airport workers at Tenerife South airport Credit: Guardia Civil


Airport Workers Arrested for $2.2million Luggage Theft in Spain

Fourteen employees at Tenerife South airport in the Canary Islands have been arrested for allegedly stealing items from checked-in luggage, with goods worth almost 2 million euros seized, raising concerns about airport security and the protection of passengers’ belongings.

China's Shenlong space plane Credit: China Aerospace Studies Institute


China’s Space Plane Deploys Six Objects, Adding to Mysterious Mission

China’s Shenlong space plane deployed six mysterious objects into orbit, sparking global speculation. Some signals resemble past missions, while others emit intermittent signals leaving observers awaiting potential clues as the objects’ orbits are about to intersect.

Minnie Payne YouTube Screenshot / NewsNation


Age-Defying Achievement as 90-Year Old Earns Master’s Degree

90-year old, Minnie Payne obtained her master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of North Texas, making her the oldest person to do so at UNT. Her advice to others is to find joy in pursuing their passions and constantly strive for self-improvement.

Anthony Lessa Pinellas County Mugshot Facebook Screenshot / Pinellas County Arrests and Mugshots


Florida Tourist’s Unsettling Encounter with a Manatee Sculpture

A tourist made headlines for disorderly conduct including throwing food and demonstrating inappropriate behavior with a manatee statue. A night of intoxication and chaos left St. Pete Beach patrons bewildered & earned him a disorderly intoxication charge with a brief stint in custody.

Side of Egg Truck YouTube Screenshot / King 5 Seattle


The Eggstraordinary Cleanup Operation in Issaquah

In the early hours of Tuesday, King County faced chaos as an egg-filled truck collided on SR 18 closing both lanes. Despite the mess, no injuries occurred and the comical clean-up unfolded leaving a memorable tale of highway hilarity in the town’s history

Tiger at Zoo Pexels / Ryutaro Tsukata


Big Cat Chewing on Shoe at Bahawalpur Zoo Leads to Grim Discovery

A shocking event unfolded at Bahawalpur Zoo when Muhammad Bilawal Javed was discovered dead in a tiger enclosure. The incident triggered a comprehensive investigation to uncover how Javed gained access to the enclosure and the events leading to his untimely demise.

Ochigava landed at LAX without passport or ticket Wikimedia Commons/JadeLux


Russian Man Flies From Copenhagen to LA Without Passport or Ticket

The F.B.I. are investigating how Sergey Ochigava, a Russian-Israeli dual citizen, managed to board a flight in Copenhagen and fly all the way to LAX without a passport, a boarding pass, or any record of him having boarded the flight in the first place.

Diamond Ring Pexels / The Glorious Studio


Diamond in the Dust as Ritz Hotel Finds Missing Diamond

A valuable diamond ring, reported missing by a guest at the Ritz hotel in Paris, was found in a vacuum cleaner bag. Despite the hotel’s history of thefts, the staff’s dedication ultimately led to the recovery, and investigators and prosecutors are determining whether it is now a closed case.

Two ghost ships recently washed up on Peruvian beach YouTube Screenshot


Two Ghost Ships Wash Up On the Shores of Peru

Tranquil beaches of Peru have witnessed the enigmatic arrival of two ghost ships, sparking curiosity and speculation. Authorities and locals are puzzled by the abandoned vessels, devoid of life or markings, as investigations attempt to unravel the maritime mystery.

Elmwood Building in Halifax YouTube Screenshot / CBC Nova Scotia


The Soap-Slicked Slide of the Elmwood Building

A historic structure and former hotel in Nova Scotia, was relocated using an unconventional tool - 700 bars of Ivory soap. The building, weighing a staggering 220 tons, was seamlessly maneuvered 30 feet across a steel frame with the assistance of two excavators and a tow truck.

Peter Park Learning he Passed Bar Exam YouTube Screenshot / Peter Park


Teen Prodigy Breaks Barriers in Legal History, Becoming Youngest to Pass Bar

Peter Park, at 17, shatters records by passing the California Bar Exam, becoming the youngest ever to pass. Juggling high school and law school, he’s now a deputy district attorney, symbolizing hope for young aspirants in law and beyond.

Santas Peddling the Streets YouTube Screenshot / Loni Kagen


Santa Cycle Rampage Spreads Holiday Cheer on Two Wheels

Milwaukee transformed the streets into a festive spectacle, with over a thousand Santas pedaling for charity and cycling advocacy. From creative costumes to dazzling bike decorations, this winter tradition is a slow roll of joy, promoting year-round biking and community spirit.

The Modest Home of Geoffrey Holt YouTube Screenshot / Wrexham World


Frugal, Wise, Humble Man Leaves Town His Hidden Wealth

Humble Hinsdale resident Geoffrey Holt left a surprising fortune for town development. Despite dyslexia and a simple lifestyle, his frugality and wise investments built this wealth and his legacy continues to inspire, proving success can be achieved in unconventional ways.

Recount for City Council Position YouTube Screenshot / King 5 Seattle


Rainier City Council Election Decided by a Single Vote

In the Rainier City Council election, a single vote decided the outcome. Candidate Damion Green, who ran to address the town’s growth, lost to Ryan Roth by one vote. Despite the loss, both candidates remain committed to preserving Rainier’s small-town feel.

Ro Knight and Sylvester Stallone at Rocky Day 2023 Instagram/@ro_knows_wrestling


Nine-Year-Old Fan Recites Iconic Rocky Speech to Sylvester Stallone Himself

Ro Knight, a young fan of the “Rocky” movies, delivered a powerful recitation of an iconic speech from the franchise to Sylvester Stallone at the inaugural ‘Rocky Day’ celebration. The heartwarming encounter went viral, capturing the enduring legacy of the ‘Rocky’ franchise.

Blood-Red Skies over Mongolia YouTube Screenshot / Universal Tehqeeq


Rare Solar Explosion Paints Skies in Blood-Red Auroras

Mongolia’s skies were ablaze with blood-red auroras shown after a 2023 solar storm, offering scientists a unique opportunity to study solar weather’s impact on our tech-dependent society. This celestial spectacle underscores the need to understand the Sun’s potent influence.

Pinquet Charged with Kidnapping Pexels/ RDE Stock Project


Inmate Transport Driver Faces Kidnapping Charges after Mid-Trip Resignation

Joshua Pinquet, an inmate transport driver, abruptly resigned mid-trip, leading to serious charges of kidnapping and larceny. Despite this unexpected detour, the inmates were safely handed over to other employees and continued their journey to the intended destination.

F-35A stealth fighter Facebook Video Screenshot / Arirang News


South Korean Air Force Bids Adieu to F-35A After Avian Encounter

South Korea’s Air Force will retire a damaged F-35A stealth jet, which suffered a bird strike in 2022, as repair costs surpass the aircraft’s acquisition cost. The F-35 remains crucial to South Korea’s defense strategy, and the retired jet may find a new role in mechanic training programs.

The Twin Towers of Bologna Wikimedia Commons/Mike Peel (www.mikepeel.net)


Historic Leaning Tower in Bologna Faces Multi-Million Euro Restoration

Bologna’s iconic leaning towers, the Two Towers, face a 4.3 million euro restoration, with the Garisenda tower cordoned off due to structural concerns. Constructed in the 12th century, the towers have for centuries symbolized the city’s charm.

Tar Balls Found on THE NJ Beach YourTube Screenshot / PIX11 News


Cleanup Underway as Authorities Tackle Mysterious Tar Ball Invasion

Cleanup of tar balls on Jersey Shore beaches is underway, but the source of pollution is still unknown. The state Department of Environmental Protection, U.S. Coast Guard, and Monmouth County officials are responding swiftly, urging beachgoers and mariners to avoid contact.

Caeb Phillips Indian River County Sheriff's Office


Meth Mysteriously Appears in Florida Man’s Underpants

During a change into jail clothing, a plastic cylinder filled with meth which was hidden in a man’s undergarments dropped to the floor. The man denies knowing how it got there, assuming someone must have slipped it in there while he was sleeping.

Streaker at "It's a Small World" X screenshot/@AshleyEsqueda


In an Ironic Twist, Man Chooses “It’s a Small World” to Streak at Disnelyand

A man at Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World” attraction jumped off the ride, removed his clothes and proceeded to streak around the animatronic attraction. Police were quick to respond and arrest the man for indecent exposure and being under the influence of a controlled substance.