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His accent can be best decribed as 'freezing.'


Six Months in Antarctica: New Accent or Just Frostbite Talking?

In the frosty wonderland of Antarctica, where winter feels like a never-ending snow globe stuck on repeat, a brave bunch of folks decided to embrace the icy isolation and live in a cosmic cold-shoulder to the rest of the world. And guess what? It’s not just the penguins who change their tune in this chilly utopia.

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Taking in the Foliage Oscar Mayer/Facebook


Oscar Mayer is Looking for Wienermobile Drivers - Bonus Points if You’re Named Frank

Each year, Oscar Mayer seeks 11 adventurous individuals (and 1 recluse) for their “Wienermobile Spokesperson” role. The lucky dozen will drive the iconic 27-foot-long hotdog on cross-country journeys. To put that size in perspective, it is the length of 27 foot-long hot dogs end-to-end.

Sukanen Ship Exploring Canada/YouTube


Unveiling the Untold Story of Canada’s Land-Locked Prairie Ship

Tom Sukanen, a Finnish-Canadian immigrant, built a ship in the middle of a Saskatchewan prairie with dreams of returning home. Despite hardships and ridicule, his legacy lives on in the Sontiainen Ship and Pioneer Village Museum.

Coral Castle Coral Castle/Facebook


Exploring the Enduring Mystery of Coral Castle

Coral Castle, a hidden gem in South Florida, is a mysterious devotion to lost love and craftsmanship by Edward Leedskalnin. This enigmatic stone sculpture garden, crafted single-handedly, continues to captivate with its mystery and architectural marvel.

Floating Sauna Rescues Occupants from Icy Plunge Guardian News/YouTube


Tesla Plunges into Fjord, Rescued by a Floating Sauna

A bizarre incident, as a Tesla ended up in a fjord in Norway, led to an unconventional rescue by a floating sauna’s crew. The unexpected heroes, amidst the frigid waters, warmed up the rescued duo, and no injuries were sustained.

From mind-bending sculptures to gravity-defying feats of engineering, these bridges are proof that even the most mundane structures can be transformed into something extraordinary. CCTV/Facebook


20 Of The World’s Most Unusual Bridges

From mind-bending sculptures to gravity-defying feats of engineering, these bridges are proof that even the most mundane structures can be transformed into something extraordinary.

Far from the typical landmarks and renowned sites frequented by the masses, these destinations challenge conventional notions of tourism and invite visitors to embark on a journey into the unusual and extraordinary. Jovannig/Adobe Stock


Discover 5 of the World’s Weirdest Tourist Attractions

Far from the typical landmarks and renowned sites frequented by the masses, these destinations challenge conventional notions of tourism and invite visitors to embark on a journey into the unusual and extraordinary.

"Had to make a pilgrimage to the Chicago Rat Hole" WinslowDumaine/Twitter


Mystery Surrounds Chicago’s Two-Decade-Old Rat Hole

A sidewalk imprint in Chicago, humorously dubbed the ‘Chicago Rat Hole’, has become a viral sensation and tourist hotspot. This newfound fame has not only provided city-wide amusement but also boosted the career of artist Winslow Dumaine.

Welcome Message in Lexington, Kentucky Visit Lex/YouTube


Lexington Invites Extraterrestrials to Come See the Horses

Lexington’s tourism bureau has launched an interstellar campaign, inviting extraterrestrial travelers to the horse capital of the world. Using an infrared laser, a message showing Central Kentucky’s beauty is beamed into space, targeting potentially habitable planets.

Alaska Airlines with Door Plug Missing NBC News/YouTube


Investigation Underway As Alaska Airlines Loses Door After Takeoff

Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 faced depressurization due to a detached unused door falling off after takeoff. The NTSB is investigating the incident, scrutinizing potential door faults and the roles of Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems.

Before the back end was burned in a photo shoot gone bad. invernessshipwreck/Instagram


Shipwreck’s Tumultuous Journey Raises Questions About Tourism’s Toll

The S.S. Point Reyes, a dilapidated fishing boat in Inverness, California, has become a popular tourist attraction and social media sensation. As the National Park Service evaluates options for its safe removal, the vessel’s future hangs in the balance.

Bardsey Island on a sunny day Ynys Enlli Bardsey Island/Peter Barton/Facebook


Remote Island Offers Job Opportunity for Off-Grid Living

Off the coast of North Wales, an Island is seeking two individuals to serve as accommodation wardens offering an off-grid living experience. This rustic opportunity allows for stewardship of a remote island, and immersion in nature, history, and community.

Melody and John Hennessee on Cruise Ship Melody Thor Hennessee/Facebook


Couple Sells Everything to Live Permanently on Cruise Ship

The Hennessee’s decision to sell everything and live on cruise ships has turned into a thrifty & exciting life at sea. Trading land-based expenses for a streamlined set of bills, the couple finds cruising a more cost-effective, fulfilling & adventurous way to explore the world.

The Lake Hillier, Middle Island, Recherche Archipelago Nature Reserve, in Western Australia, is a saline lake notable for its pink color, April 2011. Aussie Oc/Creative Commons


This Enigmatic Lake Stays Bubble Gum Pink Year Round

Lake Hillier’s most distinguishing characteristic is its vivid pink color, an attribute that continues to bewilder scientists and visitors alike. Unlike other pink lakes, which often shift in color or intensity, it maintains its stunning hue consistently.

The Beam Ride YouTube Screenshot / Road_Tripper


‘The Beam’ at Rockefeller Center Brings ‘Lunch atop a Skyscraper’ to Life

Visitors can now experience history at NYC’s Rockefeller Center with “The Beam,” a ride that recreates the iconic 1932 photo “Lunch atop a Skyscraper.” It allows visitors to enjoy breathtaking views from 800 feet above ground, just like the original workers.

Venice, Italy Pexels / Emily Geibel


Gondola Capsizes in Venice as Tourists Defy Selfie Warnings

A Venice gondola has flipped over after tourists ignored safety concerns while they were taking selfies on the boat. highlighting need for stricter regulations and responsible tourism in the face of changing trends.

Ivanio Batista da Silva aka His Majesty Ivan I of Cubatão You Tube Screenshot / Diario do Litoral


The Majestic Saga of King Ivan I’s Cubatão Castle

In Cubatão, Brazil, former shoeshine boy Ivanio Batista da Silva transforms into His Majesty Ivan I. His castle, a symbol of realized dreams, stands amidst criticism and eccentricity, his tale unfolds in a city witnessing the extraordinary, as he whimsically rewrites history.

Pretty Joe Rock Island Listing on Private Islands Inc. Private Islands Inc.


You Could Own Pretty Joe Rock Island for $2.5Million

Listed at $2.5 million, Pretty Joe Rock, a 1/4-acre private island in the Florida Keys showcased on HGTV’s ‘Buying the Beach,’ presents a distinctive chance to own your own island, with plans for a new home, private dock, and vibrant wildlife-filled landscape.

Pink Yacht YouTube Screenshot / New York post Post


Pink Elegance Afloat: Mystery Tech Mogul Acquires Unique Barbie-Inspired Superyacht

A tech mogul breaks yacht norms with a custom pink catamaran, “Pretty In Pink.” Crafted by VisionF Yachts, the 80-foot vessel features a pink exterior and interior, offering a luxurious experience for up to eight guests. This Barbie Dreamhouse on water symbolizes individuality and luxury in the world of super yachts.

Fountain in Vienna cost EUR1.8M IG Screenshot / Andreas F @KPlethi


Vienna’s ‘Ugliest’ Fountain is a 1.8 Million Euro Artistic Controversy

Vienna’s 1.8 million euro fountain, commemorating 150 years of its water system, faces backlash for being dubbed the “ugliest in Europe.” Designed by Gelitin, it symbolizes “communal responsibility for water,” but critics slam its cost and aesthetics.

Suloszoqa Village, Poland X Screenshot / State of Poland


Polish Town Where Everyone Lives on Same Street

Dubbed ‘Little Tuscany’, this Polish village has all 6,000 residents living on one long street. Suloszowa, which became famous after aerial photos went viral, has a unique layout and a cozy, countryside feel. The residents love their community and their simple lifestyle.