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World Records

The world's biggest blueberry; bursting with juice and negative energy Guinness Book of World Records

World Records

Harmful if Swallowed: The World’s Largest Blueberry is a Toxic Narcissist

Berry Unbelievable: Most blueberries are approximately the size of an average blueberry (give or take) but this blueberry is far larger! After being recognized as the world’s largest, this blueberry’s personality completely changed — and not for the better.

This is art. Worldrecordacademy.org

World Records

Fart Collectors: Museum Begs Guests to Bring Underwear

Tired of going commando? A St. Louis museum wants to break the world record of people wearing underwear on their heads. They’re asking guests to show up with underwear over their faces and hope to beat the previous world record of 270 people.

Moments before "The Event" Sandy Huffaker/Legoland

World Records

Fossil Record: Dinosaur Dance Party Makes History

Epoch-a-lypse Now? Ever seen a Tyrannosaurus Twerk? To celebrate the extremely exciting opening of LegoLand’s Dino Valley area, brick fans gathered to break the costumed dancing record. But the real story begins after the music stops…

Grigor Manukyan Breaks Record for Most Pull Ups on Bar Between Two Moving Trucks YouTube Screenshot / Guinness World Records

World Records

Local Teen Breaks World Record, Mother Still Disappointed He Didn’t Become Doctor

Teenager Grigor Manukyan has made headlines by securing a Guinness World Record for the most consecutive pull-ups performed on a bar suspended between two moving trucks. His astonishing feat of 44 pull-ups was dedicated to the memory of fallen heroes.

Bobi the Dog before being stripped of his awards Jorge Jeronimo/AP

World Records

Man’s Best Fraud? World’s “Oldest” Dog Sets Record FOR LYING

Bone-a-Fide Faker: The Guinness Book of World Records has stripped Bobi the dog of his title of World’s Oldest Dog after an investigation found that the dog’s true age was unverifiable. Can Guinness be trusted after this embarrassment, and to what lengths will they go to protect their reputation?

Mike Kaye the owner of the world's largest Transformers collection Guinness Book of World Records

World Records

Role Out: Man Owns 10,000 Transformers But Refuses to Change

Birth, decay, death. Life is a continual process of transformation. Can we live through this ephemeral experience like robots, coldly accepting the challenge of constant flux, or can we confront them head on like a vehicle, moving from beginning to end without regret?

Personal storage pioneer, Peter von Tangen Buskov Guinness Book of World Records/No Photographer listed

World Records

Trend Alert: Is Shoving 68 Matchsticks Up Your Nose Work-Appropriate?

An urgent memorandum came across the Viral News Desk and it was finally time to address the elephant in the room: the extremely on-trend practice of jamming dozens of matchsticks into your nostrils. If You Nose, You Nose.

The world's oldest wombat in an undated photo from February 2022 syrupmermaid/Twitter

World Records

No Botox Needed! The World’s Oldest Wombat is 34 and THRIVING!

Wain the Wombat is 34 years old, which is more than twice the average lifespan of 15. After being officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, Wain’s life was forever changed.

Organizers carefully placing and measuring the world's longest continual line of pancakes KSCB/The Legend Kansas City Radio

World Records

Battered, Whipped, and Flattened: Inside the Violent World of Competitive Pancake Baking

Every year on International Pancake Day competitors race to set a new pancake-centric record. With simultaneous events occurring in Liberal, Kansas and Olney, England it’s truly an international pancake baking event.

Balloon Sculpture Created to Celebrate Chinese New Year Guinness World Records/Facebook

World Records

Hong Kong Sets New World Record With Astonishingly Huge Balloon Dragon

The world’s largest balloon dragon sculpture, 137.04 feet and crafted from 38,000 balloons, took flight in Hong Kong mall for Chinese New Year. The Guinness record-setting display symbolizes good luck and aims to inspire youth to pursue their passions.

23.6-Foot Eiffel Tower Matchstick Sculpture Denied Guinness Record Richard Plaud/Facebook

World Records

Record-Breaking Matchstick Eiffel Tower Struck Down by Guinness

A Frenchman’s dream of a Guinness World Record for his 23.6-foot Eiffel Tower model was dashed due to the use of non-standard matches. Despite the disappointment, Plaud’s masterpiece was exhibited to an audience of 4,000, but its future presentation remains uncertain.

The oldest videogames Bilibili content creator bilibili/Twitter

World Records

88-Year-Old ‘Gamer Grandpa’ Clinches Guinness World Record

88-year-old ‘Gamer Grandpa’ Yang Binglin, a popular video game content creator on Bilibili, has earned a Guinness World Record. Despite his age, his passion for gaming and dedication to his fans remain undiminished.

Miloš Křeček Wolrd Record for Largest Collection of Lego Sets Museum of Bricks/Facebook

World Records

Czech LEGO Maestro Breaks Guinness World Record, Unveils Museum of Bricks

Czech LEGO enthusiast Miloš Křeček has transformed his childhood hobby into a Guinness World Record for his collection of 6,005 unique LEGO sets. His vast collection, which continues to grow, is showcased in the Museum of Bricks, spanning four locations.

Jumbo Jump Sets World Record for Largest Bouncy Castle Jumbo Jump/Facebook

World Records

Largest Inflatable Castle: Jumbo Jump Bounces Into The Record Books

Jumbo Jump in Karachi, Pakistan, has been declared the world’s largest inflatable castle by Guinness World Records, measuring a staggering 15,295 square feet. This new attraction is designed to boost tourism as a destination for thrilling adventures.

Collaboration Bakes 35-foot Challah rodephsholomnyc/Instagram

World Records

Record-Breaking 35-ft Challah Baked for Shabbat of Love

New York City’s Jewish organizations have baked a record-breaking 35-foot challah loaf during a nationwide Shabbat observance. This culinary feat, aiming to break the Guinness World Record, serves as a symbol of unity, tradition, and community spirit.

Dale Sanders on Mississippi River greybeardsanders/Instagram

World Records

Man (87) Paddles Mississippi River, Sets World Record

At the age of 87, Dale Sanders became the oldest person to paddle the entire length of the Mississippi River, a journey spanning 2,350 miles over 87 days setting a world record. Sanders is now setting his sights on a new goal, thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail at the age of 90.

Dwan Jacobsen Young Guinness World Records/Website

World Records

Dwan Jacobsen Young, World’s Oldest Female Water Skier Makes Waves at 92

Dwan Jacobsen Young, a 92-year-old woman from Bear Lake now holds the title of the world’s oldest female water skier, a passion she discovered in 1961. Despite her age, she continues to ski every summer, inspiring waterskiers with her energy and dedication to the sport.

Haribo Breaks Record for Largest Gummy Candy Mosaic HARIBO of America, Inc./PR

World Records

Haribo Creates World’s Largest Gummy Candy Mosaic

Haribo set a world record by creating the largest gummy candy mosaic, a 353.1 square feet masterpiece using 150,000 Goldbear gummies. The company further encourages creativity through a fan art contest with a chance to win prizes including a year’s supply of gummies and $5,000.

Harbin Ice-Snow World CGTN/YouTube

World Records

Dazzling Winter Wonderland Theme Park Shatters World Record

Harbin Ice-Snow World in China broke its own record, securing the Guinness World Record for the largest temporary ice and snow theme park. The 40th Snow Festival opened its doors with more than 8 million square feet of ice sculptures in a symphony of ice and snow.

LuLu Lotus World Record for Loudest Nose Whistle GWR/Twitter

World Records

Loudest Nose on Earth Blows Away Record Books

Lulu Lotus from Canada secured a Guinness World Record with the world’s loudest nose whistle at a whopping 44.1 decibels. A childhood of whimsical pranks led to this extraordinary feat, and now she dreams that her 5-year-old son might one day surpass her record.

Ben Pobjoy completed 242 freestyle marathons in 2023, surpassing the Guinness World Record benpobjoy/Instagram

World Records

Man Breaks World Record Running 242 Marathons in 2023

Ben Pobjoy, a 42-year-old Canadian ran 242 freestyle marathons throughout 70 countries in 2023 surpassing the Guinness World Record. His record was not just about reaching a physical milestone; it embodied a ten-year commitment to personal growth and transformation.

Elizabeth Allen with her Longest Candy Wrapper Chain Guinness World Records/Twitter

World Records

Woman Secures the World Record for Longest Candy Wrapper Chain

An elementary school teacher secured a spot in the Guinness World Records by transforming 10,000 candy wrappers into a sweet success. Originating as a university assignment and developed over four years, it served as inspiration for her students.

Kan Qingru, Liu Xinzhu, Wang Huanan - Jumprope Trio Guinness World Records/Facebook

World Records

Chinese Jump Rope Trio Shatters World Record

A Chinese jump rope trio secured a Guinness World Record with 176 consecutive double under skips in one minute while simultaneously jumping long rope. Their remarkable feat not only demonstrated exceptional skill but also highlighted a family’s shared passion for jump rope.

Tallest Popsicle Stick Structure Manual do Mundo/YouTube Screenshot

World Records

Brazilian YouTubers Reach New Heights with Tallest Popsicle Stick Tower

A popular Latin American YouTube channel broke the Guinness World Record by building the world’s tallest Popsicle stick tower, standing over 70 feet tall. Despite numerous challenges, the team’s resilience and determination led to this remarkable achievement.

Nicholas Manning Achieving his Dream Guinnes World Records/YouTube

World Records

Aussie Sets World Record for Underpants Speed Dressing

Brisbane resident Nicholas Manning achieved his childhood dream of setting a Guinness World Record. After six months of dedicated training, he broke two records with his incredible speed for putting on underpants.

Petter Northug receiving his Guinness World Records certificate jantelov1/Instagram

World Records

Cross-Country Skiers’ World Record Breaking Lesson

Norway has broken the world record for the largest cross-country skiing training session with 640 participants. This accomplishment celebrates a new era for Norwegian skiing and also introduces the innovative “Janteburn” concept, emphasizing inclusivity and breaking boundaries.

Afua Asantewaa during her record-breaking singathon afuaasantewaasingathon/Instagram

World Records

Influencer Sings for Five Straight Record-Breaking Days

Ghana’s Afua Asantewaa shattered expectations (and vocal cords) with a five-day singing marathon over the Christmas period, claiming a potential Guinness World Record and igniting female empowerment through music.

A very cheesy pizza GWR/Twitter

World Records

Pizzaiolo Breaks Record With 1001-Cheese Pizza

A chef in Lyons, France has just broken the world record for cheese toppings by adding a ridiculous 1001 different cheeses onto a pizza. When does cheesiness become just too much cheesiness? I think we may have found our answer with this curdling creation.

World's Largest Rubik's Cube Facebook Screenshot / Dubai Media Office

World Records

Dubai’s Record-Breaking Giant Functional Rubik’s Cube

Knowledge Park commemorates two decades of educational excellence with the unveiling of the world’s largest Rubik’s Cube. This Guinness World Record achievement reflects the park’s commitment to lifelong learning & conquering complex tasks in the journey of knowledge acquisition.

Yammel Rodriguez with Guiness World Record Instagram Screenshot / @guinnessworldrecords

World Records

Yammel Rodriguez Shatters Records with Aerial Hoop Prowess

A Mexican acrobat set a World Record with 47 aerial hoop somersaults in one minute. A journey from discovering acrobatics at 17  to becoming the first Latina with such a prestigious record reflects dedication, resilience, and courage.

Fastest time to sort 500 g of Peanut M&Ms - David Rush 1:14.06 MINUTE(S):SECOND(S) YouTube Screenshot / Record Breaker Rush

World Records

Speed and Sweetness with David Rush’s Guinness Record M&M Sort

A dynamic record-breaker with over 250 triumphs added another record to his collection, for sorting Peanut M&Ms by color. From winning talent shows to advocating for education, his influence extends beyond the extraordinary into realms of inspiration and innovation.

On the way to 187 candy canes in his beard Instagram/@joelnert

World Records

Joel Strasser Sets New Record with 187 Candy Canes in His Beard

Already a record holder of an impressive number of facial hair records, Joel Strasser added to his festive-themed record attempts by weaving 187 candy canes in his beard. Other things in his beard have included pipe cleaners, baubles, forks, and chopsticks.

Skiing in Jeans at JHMR Facebook Screenshot / Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

World Records

Jackson Hole’s Record-Breaking Ski in Jeans Day”

In the warmth of a clear blue sky, Ski in Jeans Day at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort set a world record uniting ski fans in a celebration of denim. The event encouraged individuality and nostalgia for a fun celebration of winter and the love for the slopes.

HOUND the fastest robopet in the world! X Screenshot/@GWR

World Records

HOUND the Robo-Dog Sets New 100-Meter Quadrupedal Speed Record

Clocking in with an average speed of over 11 miles per hour, a South Korean quadrupedal robot called HOUND has broken the 100 meter speed world record for its classification of robots, with an overall time of 19.87 seconds.

Qixian Cao at Award Ceremony YouTube Screenshot / Voice of America

World Records

Cao Qixian, Youngest Cuber to Break the Six-Second Barrier

A six-year-old breaks record as the first female to solve the Rubik’s Cube in under six seconds at the International Open in Singapore. Starting at age three, Cao Qixian practiced two to three hours daily to become a winner in this growing and competitive sport.

The 2023 Light Display Facebook Screenshot / ERDAJT's Christmas Light Display

World Records

Lights, Charity, and Discord for the World Record Light Display

A community found itself caught between the sparkle of holiday lights and the fury of frustrated neighbors. The Gay family’s Christmas display raises questions as the town seeks a balance that upholds the festive spirit without disrupting neighborhood peace.

Ken Stornes Death Dive YouTube Screenshot / @kenstornes

World Records

Norwegian Daredevil’s Record-Breaking Death Dive

Norwegian ‘Viking Guy’, sets a new world record with his death-defying dive, captivating over 150 million viewers on Instagram. Despite criticism, he champions the extreme sport, underlining the significance of strength and readiness.

The Triplets Together in 2022, Turning 92 Guinnes Wrold Record Website

World Records

Celebrating 93 Years of the World’s Oldest Living Male Triplets

Born amid the Great Depression, the world’s oldest living male triplets, Larry, Lon, and Gene Brown, celebrated their 93rd birthday. Their journey from a Kansas farm to earning a Guinness World Record encapsulates a legacy of siblings’ resilience and shared adventures.

Lori and George Schappell, the world's oldest living conjoined twins Youtube Screenshot/Our Life

World Records

World’s Oldest Conjoined Twins at 62, Celebrate Individuality and Shared Life

In the heart of Pennsylvania resides a remarkable story of resilience and unwavering individuality. Lori and George Schappell, the world’s oldest living conjoined twins, continue to defy expectations and challenge perceptions with their extraordinary journey.

Preparing the world recrod breaking attempt Instagram Screenshot / @venturenewisconsin

World Records

Wisconsin Bar Attempts to Set Guinness World Record with Massive Old-Fashioned Cocktail Flight

A bar in Wisconsin has is hoping to create a new world record category for the largest old-fashioned flight. The bar, 313 Dodge in Kaukauna, assembled 100 old-fashioned cocktails on a 24-ft-long wooden board. The attempt was organized in partnership with Venture Wisconsin.

191 year-old Jonathan the Seychelles giant tortoise YouTube Screenshot / Guinness World Records

World Records

Oldest Living Land Animal Celebrates 191st Birthday

A Seychelles giant tortoise named Jonathan has just celebrated his 191 trips around the sun. He took the title of oldest living land animal after the passing away of Tu’i Malila, a 188 year old female radiated tortoise, in 2021.

The ever-growing collection of Titanic on VHS Instagram / titanicfan_97

World Records

Florida Man on a Mission to Collect 1 Million VHS Copies of Titanic

Meet JD, aka TitanicFan97, a Florida man with an insatiable passion for Titanic. His quirky quest to amass 1 million VHS copies has turned into a global phenomenon, blending nostalgia, humor, and an unsinkable love for James Cameron’s iconic film.

Smita with her Guinness World Record certificate X Screenshot / Guinness World Records @GWR

World Records

Indian Woman Breaks Record for the World’s Longest Hair

Smita Srivastava from Uttar Pradesh, India, clinches the Guinness World Record for the longest hair (7ft 9in). Inspired by her mother and 1980s Hindi actresses, she meticulously cares for her locks, spending up to 3 hours per wash.

Mensa's Youngest Member X Screenshot / Guinness World Records @GWR

World Records

Two-Year-Old Isla McNabb Becomes Youngest Mensa Member

At just 2 years old, Isla McNabb from Crestwood, Kentucky, has become the youngest member of Mensa, scoring in the 99th percentile on the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales. Demonstrating advanced learning abilities, she’s now reading and surprising her parents daily.

Mohamma Sayaheen Counting Letters X Screesnshot/GuinnessWorldRecords

World Records

Jordanian Mind Maestro is the Fastest Letter Counter

Mohammad Sayaheen, the mind marathon maestro, astounds the world with his mental calculations. Achieving a Guinness World Record for counting letters in sentences, his unique process and natural talent are something to behold.

Cameron Heinig catching a tennis ball Guinness World Records

World Records

Teen Shatters World Record Catching Tennis Ball from 469.5ft

When tennis meets altitude… A teen’s gravity-defying catch has left only jaws dropped and ball in hand. Cameron Heinig made history in New York when he caught a tennis ball dropped from a drone at a height of 469.5 feet.

Balancing swords X/GWR

World Records

Sword Swallowing Sorceress Balances 30 Blades On Her Body

In the land of Edina, Minnesota, there exists an unlikely hero – Erin Hunter, the belly dancer with a penchant for peril. She’s not just your everyday sword juggler either, balancing more swords than should be possible.

Charlotte Lee and her rubber ducks X/GWR

World Records

Seattle Woman Takes the World Record for Most Rubber Duckies

Charlotte Lee has the largest collection of rubber ducks in the world. How many, you ask? A whopping 5,631 and counting! She has been an avid duck collector for over a quarter of a century, and has amassed quite the collection.