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Couple Weds in Kentucky Gas Station’s “Disco Bathroom” on Purpose

Choosing to start their union where 50% of marriages end, the toilet, newlyweds Logen Abney and Tiana Ailstock recently got hitched in what some would consider a crappy venue: a Kentucky gas station’s viral “disco bathroom.” 

By Missy Baker · February 23, 2024

Germaphobes can catch the entire wedding here.

The Hop Shops Convenience store bathroom in Verona, Kentucky, recently gained notoriety on social media for having a big red button that when pushed, activates a disco ball, party lights, and pulsating dance music, turning the ordinary gas station bathroom into a mini Studio 54.

When searching for a venue for their upcoming nuptials, the couple looked no further than this beloved bacteria-filled discotheque. Hey, judge all you want, it’s not any filthier than Vegas.

Why be a princess on your wedding day when you can be a royal flush?  Hop Shops/YouTube

The blushing bride stunned in white, a bold choice, considering the venue. In lieu of a bouquet, she carried a single silver key attached to a giant block of wood. Her father gave her away with tears in his eyes, though that may have been from the fumes.

The groom looked dapper in a modest suit complimented by a tasteful ply of toilet paper firmly attached to his shoe, symbolizing the unbreakable bond of their love.

With full hearts and full bladders, the couple exchanged vows surrounded by friends and family. E. Coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus Aureus were also in attendance.

“Tiana, from the first dance in this disco bathroom to this moment, I vow to hop through life with you. through the funk beats and mellow melodies, every rhythm in life,” Abney declared in his vows.

"I vow to always put the seat down."  Hop Shops/ YouTube

The bride replied while fighting back tears, “Through sickness and health, through constipation, and diarrhea, I promise to have and to hold your hair back when you barf. For richer or for poorer, in good times and in toilet paper shortages, you will always be my number one… even when I have to go number two. Urine my heart forever.” 

After saying, “I doo doo” Abney and Ailstock exchanged their first kiss as husband and wife. The officiant proudly beamed, “You may now wash your hands.”

At last, the happy couple smashed the infamous red button on the wall, kicking off the disco-inspired after-potty. They then shared their first dance under the glittering lights of the disco ball and the roar of the automatic hand dryer.

Usually a black light in a bathroom is a bad idea.  Hop Shops/YouTube

After dining on a buffet of Slim Jims, rotating hot dogs, and 64oz slushies, it was finally time to cut the urinal cake and the disco the night away.

Ordinarily, you’d want to forget the unspeakable things you’ve witnessed in a gas station bathroom, but this wedding was definitely an event to remember. Everyone in attendance was overjoyed for the newlyweds, despite one enraged trucker who had drank too much Dr. Pepper and was next in line to use the facilities.