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Cows Trample Over Locals in an Intriguing Diwali Tradition

Bhidavad village in Madhya Pradesh celebrates post-Diwali with a unique tradition—devotees willingly lie in the path of cows, believing it fulfills wishes. This bizarre yet injury-free spectacle has become Bhidavad’s claim to fame, drawing curious onlookers annually.

By Beth Snider · November 21, 2023

Cows trample men in Bhidavad village X Screenshot/ANI MP CG Rajasthan

Traditions come in many shapes and sizes, but Madhya Pradesh’s Bhidavad village in India has one that is… unique! Forget the usual Diwali festivities - here, they’ve got a unique post-Diwali tradition that involves a peculiar dance between men and cows. Essentially it involves some brave/insane villagers lying on the ground, and willingly offering themselves up for a good ol’ cattle trampling.

This out-of-the-ordinary ritual unfolds in Bhidavad, nestled in the Badnagar tehsil of Ujjain district. As the sun rises on the day after Diwali, the villagers gear up for their unusual ceremony. The stars of the show? Cows and the daring devotees lying in their path. The obvious question here is, “Why?” Well, the locals believe that by participating in this rather unconventional tradition, all of their wishes will be granted. If one of their wishes is to have a bovine trampling, I guess you can’t argue with the logic.

The day, dedicated to Govardhan Puja, an ode to Lord Krishna, is marked with a feast of 56 vegetarian delights offered to honor the deity. But Bhidavad takes it up a notch with the cattle rendezvous. As part of this post-Diwali spectacle, men hit the ground, and the cows take center stage. The cattle, considered abodes of 33 crore gods and goddesses, are worshipped before they embark on their unique walk.

Devotees, having fasted for five days and spent a night in the local temple, willingly submit to the cow parade. As the cows saunter over them, prayers and hymns fill the air, creating an odd yet strangely harmonious atmosphere. And here’s the kicker – despite the unconventional nature of the tradition, not a scratch, not an injury! It’s like a bovine ballet where everyone leaves unharmed and, as the locals claim, with fulfilled wishes.

This extraordinary Diwali cow trampling has become Bhidavad’s claim to fame, drawing curious onlookers from neighboring villages every year. So, while the rest of the world celebrates with lights and sweets, Bhidavad adds its unique spin, turning post-Diwali into a day of wishful trampling. Now, that’s what we call a tradition like no udder!