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Elevating Celebrations with Cannabis-Infused Nuptials

A bold step into the landscape of legalized recreational marijuana offers couples an opportunity to celebrate their union in a truly green fashion. As Ohio’s cannabis wedding industry takes root, it will be fascinating to see how entrepreneurs handle this emerging trend.

By Odd News Show Staff · December 15, 2023

Bud Bouquet Facebook Screenshot / Weeded Bliss

Literally no one knew weddings could be fun - but they can! Bob Ellison, founder of “Weeded Bliss,” a cannabis wedding and party planning business, is at the forefront of this budding trend in his state. The recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Ohio is paving the way for couples seeking a unique twist in their wedding ceremonies. Unlike most weddings, where half the guests are high, now, half the guests can be publicly high. Best part is, when they ask if anybody has any objections, you’ll just get coughs.

Ellison, a dedicated cannabis enthusiast and creator of the “That Stoner Show” podcast, seized the opportunity to blend cannabis culture with weddings following recent new laws. His new venture offers couples a range of options to infuse their weddings with a green aesthetic.

Examples of services provided to incorporate cannabis into their celebration:

  1. Unity Bong Ceremony: Couples can symbolize the merging of their lives by sharing tokes from a unity bong during the ceremony. This is much more affordable than exchanging rings. And less gendered!

  2. Cannabis-Infused Mocktails: A reception featuring “budtenders” and a cannabis-infused mocktail bar for guests to enjoy. As if your grandmother wasn’t uncomfortable enough with the length of the bridesmaids’ dresses…

  3. Cannabis Sacrament: Options for integrating cannabis into the wedding ceremony itself, adding a unique and personal touch. Honestly, more believable than God!

  4. Marijuana Stations: Expert budtenders/sommeliers stationed to guide guests through different strains and consumption methods.

Couples can opt for in-depth cannabis consultations to select ideal strains to share with their guests; add-ons include private edible-making classes, dispensary tours, rehearsals, and more. Anticipating challenges, Ellison recommends the “early bird gets the worm” approach and emphasized that all marijuana products are purchased or gifted by event participants.

The blazing trend of weed weddings is gaining momentum, which makes sense - nobody needs to smoke a joint more than a couple planning a wedding. Wedding planners can help manage the setup, with cannabis-friendly vendors and venues who provide the essentials to start a life together on a high note. Given the potential alterations in marijuana laws, these types of businesses will need to adapt their services to comply with current and evolving rules. But that’s okay - they won’t be stressed about it, on account of, they’re high.

Cannibis Treats  Pexels / Kindel Media

Cannabis expos are emerging nationwide to reflect the rising trend of weed-inspired decorations, such as infused floral arrangements. An alternative to traditional champagne toasts, lighting up together adds a unique memorable touch, creating a magical atmosphere and enhancing the shared celebratory experience. Whether it’s through the inclusion of marijuana-infused edibles or the adoption of cannabis-themed décor, marijuana weddings are becoming increasingly popular as a unique and stylish departure from traditional nuptial festivities. With the growing embrace of marijuana globally, couples are finding creative ways to integrate their favorite pastime into their wedding celebrations. This is great: who says you need cocaine to have fun at a wedding, after all?