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French Bulldog Variety Capturing Hearts and Wallets Worldwide

French Bulldogs, particularly the Big Rope variety, are experiencing a global surge in popularity. Among them, a Colombian-bred specimen stands out with his golden eyes, compact physique, and difficulty breathing or walking, embodying the breed’s desirable traits and genetic integrity.

By Elon Altman · March 1, 2024

Rope Daddy is considered one of the world’s most magnificent specimens. leanbullz_julian Julian montoya/Instagram

In recent years, French Bulldogs have soared in popularity, with the American Kennel Club (AKC) reporting a global increase of over 1,000% in the last decade. Surpassing the Labrador Retriever, French Bulldogs have claimed the title of the world’s most beloved dog breed. People are enamored by their compact size, labored breathing, difficulty walking, and cute faces. However, this surge in demand has come at a cost to the breed’s genetic integrity, leading to the emergence of undesirable traits in the size and proportion of the dogs.

Amidst this trend, a standout among the Big Rope variety of French Bulldogs has emerged, capturing the hearts and wallets of canine enthusiasts worldwide. One such example is Rope Daddy, a four-legged sensation valued at an astounding $120,000. Bred in Colombia by Julian Montoya, this cream-brown coated canine boasts mesmerizing golden eyes, a compact physique, and a distinctive square head, making him a coveted specimen in the elite pet scene. This is not to be confused with Rope Daddy, the standout of the underground sex world, who people also pay top dollar to breed with. Julian Montoya invests a staggering $350 monthly feeding the dog, and his diet includes a carefully curated selection of raw meat, carrots, Greek yogurt, and even chocolate. Yes, this breed of dog can eat chocolate! Just kidding, don’t feed your dog chocolate.

The Big Rope variety is characterized by its small, compact, and muscular body, with a large, square head, traits that are increasingly sought after as the breed’s popularity continues to rise. The breed is named Big Rope because that’s the dog owners’ prefered method of suicide when they realize they spent all their money on their dog and can’t afford rent or food.

A beautiful Big Rope puppy  leanbullz_julian/Instagram

States like California have witnessed a doubling of interest in these dogs, but the surge in demand for these specialized characteristics is not confined to the United States, it’s become a global phenomenon. The trend is rapidly spreading to Colombia and other Latin American countries and experts predict that this demand will increase throughout 2024. Smart investors will buy a dog now and keep it in storage until they can sell it at peak demand.

Montoya, Rope Daddy’s breeder, emphasizes the importance of preserving the genetic structure of the breed amidst its newfound popularity. In other words, Rope Daddy is not sleeping with just any bitch. While the breed has seen a proliferation of thinner and taller dogs, this variety remains a compact, small, and thick exemplar, solidifying his leadership in the elite pet community.

"Rope Daddy's carefully preserved pedigree has catapulted him as a leader in the elite pet scene."
Julian Montoya, breeder and pimp

Beyond their physical allure, Big Rope French Bulldogs are cherished for their playful, affectionate, and loyal personalities, making them ideal companions for individuals of all ages, except people over 90 who freak the dogs out.