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Hong Kong Sets New World Record With Astonishingly Huge Balloon Dragon

The world’s largest balloon dragon sculpture, 137.04 feet and crafted from 38,000 balloons, took flight in Hong Kong mall for Chinese New Year. The Guinness record-setting display symbolizes good luck and aims to inspire youth to pursue their passions.

By Beth Snider · February 12, 2024

Largest balloon sculpture of a dragon - 137.04 feet

The vibrant spirit of Chinese New Year in Hong Kong is now soaring to new heights as balloon artists Sze Tai “Wilson” Pang and Kun Lung Ho, along with a dedicated team of more than 60 volunteers, unveiled the world’s largest balloon dragon sculpture at a local shopping mall. The colossal creation, measuring an impressive 137 feet in length, officially secured its place in the Guinness World Records as the largest balloon sculpture of a dragon.

World’s Largest Balloon Dragon is on display at a Hong Kong shopping mall  何坤龍/Facebook

Crafted from approximately 38,000 biodegradable rubber balloons, the dragon took center stage at the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shopping mall, marking the beginning of the Chinese New Year celebrations. The meticulous construction process, led by renowned balloon artists Wilson and Kun Lung Ho, involved experts along with the participation of university and secondary school students.

The dragon, suspended from the mall’s ceiling to transform it into a “Flying Dragon,” is set to captivate onlookers until the end of February. The significance of achieving this record during the Chinese New Year of the Dragon holds cultural importance, as the dragon symbolizes good luck and blessings in Eastern culture. For Wilson, a world balloon champion in 2016 and 2018, the project was an opportunity to bring positivity and joy to society through his balloon art.

"Excitement, the feeling of a dream coming true, feeling that one of the goals in life has been achieved, very satisfied and grateful."
Sze Tai "Wilson" Pang

Beyond the celebratory achievement, Wilson hopes the endeavor will show that balloon art is a form of artistic expression. He aims to inspire young people to believe in their dreams, stay motivated, and pursue their passions without giving up. The awe-inspiring dragon sculpture has become a focal point for those visiting the shopping mall and is set to grace the plaza until the end of February, offering a joyous start to the Year of the Dragon.