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Hair Today, Harvest Tomorrow: Yogi’s “Crown of Grains”

For 40 years, an Indian ascetic has cultivated rice on his head, claiming the title of the father of rice in India. Through eccentric practices, he transforms his head into a sacred field to feed himself and his soul.

By Beth Snider · December 29, 2023

Indian Ascetic's Rice Head The People’s Blog/Twitter

In a small village in India, a man has captivated the attention of locals and online audiences for decades. For 40 years, he has been cultivating rice on his head, claiming to be the father of rice in India. His practice has sparked curiosity and admiration for his dedication and unconventional approach to spirituality.

This Indian ascetic, whose name remains undisclosed for security reasons, has devoted four decades to his peculiar rice cultivation technique. He attributes his success to years of ascetic practices, reaching what he believes to be the highest level of spiritual enlightenment. He proudly proclaims that those who plant rice in traditional fields are mere mortals, while he has transcended above the ordinary. His commitment to this unusual practice has led to a green rice field flourishing on his head, and what many deemed impossible has become a reality for this dedicated man.

Living with a rice field on his head comes with its challenges - as the rice grows, he must sit constantly, unable to lie down for rest. After years of practice, sitting still has become second nature to him. He periodically pours water on his head to keep the crop moist and thriving.

This practice may seem absurd to outsiders, but for the ascetic, it symbolizes a spirit of power and a deep belief in God. He emphasizes that regular people cannot comprehend the profound experience of his distinctive cultivation. His hair has become entwined with the roots of the rice, which he believes is a further connection with his spiritual endeavor.

The ascetic vehemently defends his rice, considering any touch or attempt to harvest as disrespectful and insulting. He passionately shares his story in interviews, hoping to spread awareness of this unusual method and inspire others to explore new spiritual avenues.

The ascetic’s commitment to his practice echoes other traditions, such as hanging hair on iron hooks and lying in wells. His actions may seem eccentric, but they are rooted in a profound belief in the divine and a relentless pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.

The rice has entwined with his hair  The People’s Blog/Twitter

Rice holds profound religious significance in India revered in Hindu scriptures such as Vedas and Mahabharata. It plays a crucial role in various rites of passage from the naming ceremony to weddings, symbolizing wealth, prosperity, and spiritual blessings. The goddesses Annapoorna and Lakshmi are associated with rice, and archaeological findings trace the origins of rice cultivation to the sacred city of Kashi. Additionally, it features prominently in Hindu rituals, including offerings to the sacrificial fire and as blessings in the form of ‘akshata.’ The diverse cultural practices surrounding rice underscore its symbolic importance in Indian spirituality and daily life.