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Kansas State Wildcats Feast on Mascot in Pop-Tarts Bowl Triumph

In the inaugural Pop-Tarts Bowl, the Wildcats secured a victory over the NC State Wolfpack & celebrated by feasting on the game’s mascot. The postgame ritual involved the mascot descending into a toaster, emerging perfectly cooked, and then was enjoyed by players & coaches.

By Beth Snider · December 30, 2023

Pop Tart Bowl @PopTartsBowl / Twitter Screenshot

The Kansas State Wildcats claimed victory in the debut Pop-Tarts Bowl on Thursday night defeating the NC State Wolfpack with a final score of 28–19, followed by a postgame feast involving the coveted edible mascot.

As the final whistle blew, the stadium’s attention shifted to a giant toaster positioned just above the midfield logo. Anticipation filled the air as a person clad in a Pop-Tarts costume danced around the toaster slot complete with sparks and smoke. The crowd watched in amazement as the mascot descended back into the toaster, only to reemerge moments later as an edible version of itself, cooked to perfection.

The beloved giant pastry bid farewell to the cheering crowd, holding a sign that declared, “Dreams really do come true.” Purple and white confetti burst from cannons in the background as the stadium erupted in applause, signaling the Wildcats’ delicious victory celebration.

Kansas State coach Chris Klieman and quarterback Avery Johnson, instrumental in their team’s triumph, approached first, breaking off pieces of the frosted treat and indulged in the sweet taste of victory. More players joined in, wasting no time devouring the smiling pastry in a one-of-a-kind postgame meal. The Pop-Tarts Bowl Twitter account shared images and videos, highlighting the event and showing the celebration as they partook in the feast.

In addition to the edible mascot, the Wildcats were presented with the themed trophy, featuring two slots at the top designed to hold actual Pop-Tarts. The trophy added a whimsical touch to the celebration, creating a football-shaped toaster. Kansas State’s victory marked its second bowl win in the last three years and a second consecutive season with at least nine wins. K-State dominated the field, with quarterback Avery Johnson earning the MVP title for his standout performance.

Sweet Vicory Treat  Bleacher Report / YouTube Screenshot

The Pop-Tarts Bowl, an annual college football game held in Orlando, Florida, has evolved since its 1990 inception, with various name changes and relocations. Sponsored by Kellanova, formerly Kellogg’s, since 2020, it was initially the Cheez-It Bowl and became the Pop-Tarts Bowl in May 2023. Florida Citrus Sports manages the bowl, bringing together teams from the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and the Big 12 Conference.