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Oscar Mayer is Looking for Wienermobile Drivers - Bonus Points if You’re Named Frank

Each year, Oscar Mayer seeks 11 adventurous individuals (and 1 recluse) for their “Wienermobile Spokesperson” role. The lucky dozen will drive the iconic 27-foot-long hotdog on cross-country journeys. To put that size in perspective, it is the length of 27 foot-long hot dogs end-to-end.

By Odd News Show Staff · February 26, 2024

Oscar Mayer Taking Applications to Drive the Wienermobile

As the job market in the United States continues to sizzle, one opportunity rolls its way into the hearts of job seekers across the country every year. Oscar Mayer, the renowned hot dog maker hunts for a dozen adventurous individuals to drive its iconic Wienermobile on cross-country promotional journeys. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity offers a paycheck, a year-long adventure filled with hot dog-themed festivities, a weekly allotment of 3 bottles of mustard, and a chance to become a part of American pop culture. Remember those jerks in high school who said you’d never amount to anything? Well, imagine rolling up to your 10 year reunion in a giant hot-dog shaped vehicle.

The coveted position, officially termed Hotdogger, involves driving one of the six Wienermobiles in existence. Oscar Mayer claims that fewer people have driven the Wienermobile than have gone into space. The other similarity to an astronaut is that Hotdoggers have to wear special outfits. The third similarity to astronauts doesn’t exist. The list ends there.

When asked what happened to its previous fleet of drivers, an Oscar Mayer spokesperson replied, “no comment.” Collaborative pairs are responsible for hosting pop-up events in at least 40 cities (12 that you’ve heard of) covering an average of 20,000 miles annually. Hotdoggers drive and maintain the Wienermobile and create memorable experiences for fans, such as distributing Wiener Whistles and participating in unique events like weddings and the inevitable divorces. Beyond the driving aspect, Hotdoggers serve as brand ambassadors, interacting with the public and contributing content to Oscar Mayer’s online media channels. The head of the Wienermobile program likened the experience to “running a PR firm on wheels,” but others have described it as “a last resort.”

The selected candidates receive a $35,600 annual salary. That might not sound like a lot, but keep in mind your annual hotdog costs will drop to $0, a savings of $100,000 for the average American. You’ll also get full health benefits, which is good, because you’ll be eating a lot of processed meat. The company will also provide you with 18 days of paid time off, which you can use to visit your family one last time before they disown you.

Statistically speaking, more people have visited space than driven the Wienermobile!
Ed Roland, senior manager of brand communications at Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer looks for candidates with a bachelor’s degree and media relations experience. The job description highlights the importance of strong communication skills, a clean driving record, and the ability to parallel park a 27 foot frankfurter. With an average of 1,000 to 1,500 applicants annually, the competition is fierce. While they recently selected their crew for this year, you can still apply on their website for future positions of “Wienermobile Spokesperson.”