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Poo D’état! Fossilized Feces Take Over at the New “Pooseum”

A new museum in Williams, Arizona, boasts a Guinness World Record-winning collection of fossilized excrement, and it is pure, solid, archeological poo-fection.

By Liz Days · June 7, 2024

The doo-doo of champions! James St John/Flickr

Disclaimer: While this article is flushed with facts, it does contain a splattering of satire… indicating an unhealthy diet.

If you’ve never thought of your #2s as anything more than embarrassing, disgusting crap, well cocka-doodle-poo: it’s time to wake up to the magnificence of coprolite, the scientific word derived from the Greek for “dung stone”, and we copro-LIKE it a whole lot.

Welcome to Founder George Frandsen’s Pooseum, the new brick-and-mortar home for his collection that was formerly stored as a virtual resource center started in 2014. To think, curious coprolite-icans previously had to see these wonders on a flat screen or scattered in museums throughout our dung-filled earth. Finally, they can now see all 8,000 pieces-of-sh*t live, before their very eyes (please don’t touch your eyes; the Pink-eye-olithic period killed the dinosaurs)!

T-Rex had tremendous bite force, large teeth and 3D vision, but it was most feared for its massive ca-cas.  Fausto Garcia Menendez/Unsplash

If you’ve ever looked in the toilet and said “Holy crap! I bet that’s the biggest that ever was!”, sorry, Gary, you’re wrong. And you might know that if you took a minute to stop praising your toilet work and actually learned something at the Pooseum. Not only can you take pics in front of a 4 ft wide titanosaur poop replica to send to your family, but you can also check out the largest coprolite ever found, named “Barnum”, measuring 26.5 inches by 6.2 inches, the glorious product of a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s ass. So maybe it’s time you got your head out of your own, Gary, take a trip to Arizona, and make something of your life! 

Full of Sh*t: Impressive T-Rex Coprolite ("Barnum") on display at the Pooseum.  Poozeum/Wikimedia Commons
“I’m pretty proud of what I created tonight. Filled with the crushed bones of enemies I devoured, the dump I made this day will live on! Perhaps in 65, hell, 70 million years, my manure will find a place in the halls of dinosaur lore, and my life will not have been… in vain…”
- From the intimate, tear-stained diary of Bob, the T-Rex believed to be the creator of “Barnum”

Perhaps you think that this is all one big joke. Well, while everyone enjoys a good poop wisecrack (second only to a fart quip), there is some real science within the Pooseum’s exhibits. The unique toilet cloggers found there can give us a peek-a-poo into the diets, behaviors, and environments of creatures who lived on Earth long before us. They’re “prehistoric time capsules,” George Frandsen says. They come in all sizes and from all curves of the globe. Ancient Sh*tters: They’re Just Like Us!