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2024 medals which may or may not be filled with chocolate. olympics/Instagram


Paris 2024 Unveils Historic Medals Infused With Eiffel Tower

Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic medals will feature a piece of the Eiffel Tower, symbolizing the fusion of athletic achievement with French heritage. This innovative design aims to provide a historic prize for athletes, and to weaken the Eiffel Tower until it collapses.

Andres Altwein/AP


30 Years Ago Bizarre Tonya Harding Had Nancy Kerrigan Attacked

Jan 6, 1994 put an odd twist in figure skating—Nancy Kerrigan attacked at U.S. Championships, part of Tonya Harding’s plot for Olympic glory. Scandal tarnished Harding, but Kerrigan’s resilience won her a silver at ‘94 Winter Olympics. 30 years on, it’s a cautionary tale etched in sports history.