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Most couples wait a few years before they want to escape reality. @jahvascript/Twitter


Nerd Groom Bravely Rocks VR Headset At Wedding

Every little girl dreams of a fairy tale wedding, but this bride’s Prince Charming turned out to be the Duke of Dorkdom. 

Bud Bouquet Facebook Screenshot / Weeded Bliss


Elevating Celebrations with Cannabis-Infused Nuptials

A bold step into the landscape of legalized recreational marijuana offers couples an opportunity to celebrate their union in a truly green fashion. As Ohio’s cannabis wedding industry takes root, it will be fascinating to see how entrepreneurs handle this emerging trend.

The couple is registered at Bed, Bath, & Beyond… the barbed wire. YattaVEVO/YouTube


Incarcerated Romeo Stuns With Over-the-Top Proposal From Behind Bars

In a lavish display of love that’s guaranteed to make most free men appear inadequate, inmate Kenyana Jones, a.k.a. Yatta, proved that true love knows no limits, not even prison walls.