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Three Fans Navigate Soaring Ticket Prices to Maintain Super Bowl Streak

The “Never Miss a Super Bowl Club,” down to three members, faced a threat to their streak due to high ticket prices for Super Bowl 58. Verizon’s intervention with free tickets ensured their reunion, continuing a tradition of witnessing every Super Bowl since 1967.

By Beth Snider · February 11, 2024

'Never Miss a Super Bowl Club'

For the dedicated members of the “Never Miss a Super Bowl Club,” attending the annual spectacle has become more than a tradition; it’s a lifelong commitment. This year, however, the decades-long streak was in serious jeopardy due to skyrocketing ticket prices for Super Bowl LVIII.

A founding member of the club, Don Crisman, who has attended every Super Bowl since the first in 1967, revealed in an interview that the exorbitant ticket prices almost forced him to break his streak.

With the average ticket price hovering around $9,500, the prospect of attending the 58th Super Bowl was daunting for the club, which had already dwindled to three members all in their 80s. However, Verizon stepped in and provided Crisman with two free tickets to Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, ensuring the continuation of the annual reunion for the “Never Miss a Super Bowl Club.”

Gregory Eaton, Don Crisman, Tom Henschel - the Last Members of the "Never Miss A Super Bowl Club"   KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas/YouTube

The remaining three members, Don Crisman of Maine, Gregory Eaton of Michigan, and Tom Henschel, who splits time between Florida and Pennsylvania, gathered in Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII. They expressed gratitude for the opportunity to continue their streak, aware that health concerns could impact future attendance.

Crisman, Eaton, and Henschel have witnessed every Super Bowl since its inception, sharing countless iconic moments in football history and forming a strong bond over the years. Despite their friendly rivalries, such as Crisman being a New England Patriots fan and Henschel supporting the Pittsburgh Steelers, their camaraderie remains unshaken.

Now they have attended the 58th Super Bowl, these dedicated fans hope for at least a couple more reunions in the coming years.